Billings Pro Cloud vs Self-Serve

  Subscription Self-Serve
From 0 to fully functional Typically less than 5 minutes Setup the physical server, Billings Pro Server Admin, Networking and Backups
Physical Server None required You should use a stationary Mac such as an iMac, Mac mini or Mac Pro. Laptops are not recommended. If you don't have a stationary Mac, consider purchasing one.
Server Maintenance None required You manage your own server. Including backups, disk space, etc...
Data Storage We store your data on our servers at a secure tier 1 facility in Canada. All communications are encrypted. We manage all backups. Your data resides on your own server. You must maintain your own backups and secure storage.
Networking A regular internet connection works You must have a firewall, setup port forwarding, a static IP with FQDN or a service like DynDNS.
Software Updates All major and minor updates are included on Mac and iOS Minor updates only. Major updates are paid.
Free usage If you send out 1 invoice, 1 estimate and 1 statement a month or less, you can use the system for free, including sync. You can change plans on a month to month basis. 30 day trial only. You must purchase a full license thereafter.
Sync multiple Macs/iPhones/iPads from anywhere Included Requires proper networking.
Invoice from multiple Macs/iPhones/iPads from anywhere Included Requires proper networking.
Resolution times to server and networking related support issues Since we control the backend, resolution times are very quick, usually under 15 minutes. Since we do not have access to your server, it may take awhile to diagnose a problem.
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