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September 2016

Meet the mini timer

Manage your timers from anywhere in the Billings Pro app with the mini timer on your iPhone. Tap or swipe up to easily start, stop, or switch between timers. Whether you're on the Home Screen or adding a payment to an invoice, you can manage your timers without switching screens.

File slips easier

View a list of recent projects when creating a new time, flat rate, or expense slip on your iPhone or iPad. Just tap the project name to choose where the slip should be filed to. When in a project and creating a new slip, Billings Pro will suggest filing it to that project by default. Or you can select to file it to another recent project.

May 2016

Customize your home screen

Rearrange the sections on your Home Screen to reorder Estimates, Invoices, Clients, and the Recent Activity graph. Want the Recent Activity graph at the top and Estimate at the bottom? Just tap the "edit" button at the bottom of the Home Screen and reorder the sections by dragging and dropping them.

February 2016

Streamlined UI for the iPhone and iPad

Enjoy the best parts of both the iPhone and the iPad. Get the Home Screen advantage of the iPad and the analytical data of the iPhone, now on both apps.


Create estimates & invoices on the fly

Whip up an estimate or invoice on your iPhone in a flash. From the Home Screen just tap to start creating a new estimate or invoice from scratch. See the invoice as you build it by simply entering in the details in the slide over table.

Spot overdue invoices and clients

See all your recent invoices, estimates, clients, and projects right on the Home Screen. Get a summary of each within the header. See how many invoices are overdue or unpaid. Know how many active projects you have and how many are in the estimate stage. See right away how many clients have unpaid or overdue invoices.

Sort invoices and clients

Sort your invoices by total amount or by due date. Sort your clients by client group or by status to see which ones have overdue or unpaid invoices. From the Home Screen, jump to the total list of invoices or clients in one tap then choose what you want to sort by.

Compare billable time over the last 14 days

See how many hours and the amount you’ve billed for the current and previous week. Easily spot trends and differentiate between week days and weekends.


Analyze your billable time for the last 30 days

View how many hours you’ve billed over the last 4 weeks and how much that time is worth. Use this graph to identify any fluctuation in your billable time over the month

November 2015

Search Spotlight for Projects & Clients

Need to pull up a project or client in Billings Pro? Just swipe down to pull up Spotlight and enter in the name of a client or project. You'll see Billings Pro within the search results showing you any clients or projects that match.

Use 3D touch to manage timers quickly

Use Quick Actions to start a new timer, jump to a recent timer, or add an expense by pressing firmly on the Billings Pro icon from the Home screen of your iPhone 6s or iPhone 6 Plus.

Support for iPad Pro

Billings Pro now has a larger invoice preview to support the iPad Pro screen size as well as a few other layout changes.

September 2015

Multitasking on the iPad

Do more on your iPad without having to switch between apps. This feature is only available on iPads with iOS 9 that support multitasking.

Slide in Billings Pro while you're working

With Slide Over you can easily slide Billings Pro in and out of your view while you’re working in another app. Pull up Billings Pro to quickly check a client balance, add a payment, or start a new timer without having to leave the app you’re already in.

Work side by side with another app

Use Billings Pro and another app at the same time in Split View. While you’re building an invoice you can browse in Safari for a background image at the same time. You can even create an estimate from scratch for a client while you’re viewing your meeting notes.

Other design enhancements

Swipe left or right to horizontally scroll through your invoices, estimates, projects, or clients right from the Home Screen. A table overlay has been added so you can build an estimate or invoice from scratch while working in Split Screen or using Slide Over. The options in the side bar have been moved to the top and bottom of the app so you have more space when working in a small screen.

July 2015

Send Estimates from your iPhone & iPad

Create, customize, and send a quote from anywhere with estimates now available on iOS. You can modify a quote on the spot with your customer from your iPhone or iPad. Or start an estimate on your iPhone while on the road and finish it up on your Mac when you get back to the office.

Get the iPad Home Screen Advantage

View your recent estimates from the Home Screen on your iPad. Create a quote from scratch right from the Home Screen on the iPad the same way you can invoice on the fly from your iPad. Don’t have a project created in Billings Pro yet for this new job? No problem. Just tap the “+” and start entering the details as you go. Billings Pro automatically creates a new project so you avoid double entry.

Start Working from Estimate Slips

From any estimate slip on your iPhone or iPad, you can tap to create a working slip from it. This way you avoid double entry and can use the estimate slips as a checklist to ensure all the work you quoted for your client is done. We’ve made estimate slips on the iPhone and iPad purple so you can easily differentiate between working and estimate slips.

Start an Estimate on the Road. Finish on your Mac.

Switch between any of your Apple devices while working with estimates. Billings Pro keeps all your info synced between Macs, iPhones, and iPads. So you can start creating a quote from your iPad and finish up on your Mac when you get back to the office. Or send a quote to your client on your iPhone and as soon as they sign off, your team member can start working from the estimate on their Mac.

April 2015

Billings Pro on Apple Watch

Billings Pro on Apple Watch gives you the ability to accurately, quickly, and discreetly track your time. You can then add detail to your time slips and invoice from your iPhone, then manage payments back at the office on your Mac. The addition of Billings Pro on Apple Watch gives you the added convenience and flexibility to manage your timers virtually anywhere, anytime.

Check out the Billings Pro on the Apple Watch video

View Timers at a Glance

Want to know how much time you’ve been tracking so far but don’t want to get distracted and start checking your emails? Quickly check your active timers from a glance without diverting your focus from your work.

Pause or Resume a Timer

Multitasking? Easily switch between timers when you’re juggling multiple projects. Just tap to pause, scroll to find the other active timer, and tap to resume tracking time.

Create a New Timer

Just started a new meeting and forgot to start a timer? No problem. You can discreetly start a new timer with a tap on your wrist without diverting your attention from your client. Then when the meeting is over, name the time slips and add the details from your iPhone.

Finish a Timer

Working, working, working… and done! Force tap to finish a timer and you’re onto the next thing without even having to pull your iPhone out of your pocket.

March 2015

Support Retina Displays & New Today Widget

Billings Pro 1.8.2 for the iPhone and iPad now has a new Today Widget that allows you to access your Timers in one swipe in the notification centre. Billings Pro 1.7.3 for Mac now supports Retina displays, adds company-wide time zone setting for running reports while working in different time zones, and adds support for mileage rates with 3 decimal places.

Today Widget

Access your timers in one swipe without having to open the Billings Pro app on your iPhone or iPad. The Today Widget allows you to add your timers to your notification centre.

Supports Retina Displays

Working on a Mac with Retina display? Now your slips, invoices, and accounts look crisp and clear.

Time Zone Setting for Reports

Working with team members in different time zones? Set your time zone for report settings in your Billings Pro preferences so your reports are accurate for your whole company.

“The new Timer Widget is really nice to quickly start timers. I use that when I'm on site or in a meeting with a client”

December 2014

Support for iPhone 6 and 6 Plus Screen Size

Billings Pro on the iPhone and iPad now supports screen sizes for the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.

October 2014

Refined Design on Mac for Yosemite

The user interface of Billings Pro on the Mac has been updated to be more in line with the look of OS X Yosemite.

August 2014

Refined Look of iPhone & iPad for iOS 7

The user interface of Billings Pro on the iPhone and iPad has been refined to look more in line with iOS 7.

June 2014

Added Integration & Export Ability

Billings Pro 1.7 for the Mac now adds the ability to integrate with QuickBooks 2014 for Mac and MoneyWorks 7. When you add a customer from QuickBook, you can now import their billing address into the client card so you don’t have to double enter their billing info. Additionally, you can now export data as a TSV format for Clients, Projects, Slips, Invoices, Payments, Estimates, and Statements.

November 2013

iPad and iPhone Enhancements

We’ve sprinkled in a few new features to make working on the go with Billings Pro a little easier.

Keyboard for Number Values

On Billings Pro iPad a numerical keyboard has been added. This allows you to enter in number values for money, time, and mileage.

Drag to Reorder Slips

Have some slips that you want to rearrange the order? Now you can drag to reorder slips to the row you want them on the iPad.

Avoid Duplicate Contacts

Get a warning from Billings Pro when you’re adding a new client from your Contacts that already is an existing client.

October 2013

New Invoicing System Available on iPhone

The invoicing customization feature previously only available on the iPad are now also available on the iPhone with Billings Pro 1.7.2 for iOS. We've also added some new ways to organize your projects and slips.

Customize Your Invoice

Choose from different fonts, colours, backgrounds, and more then send out high quality PDF invoices right from your iPhone.

Added Categories

Now your categories show up with your slip details and edit panes to give you and your clients more context for the work you're doing.

Nickname Your Projects

Have some projects with really long names? Now you can set a nickname for your projects.

September 2013

Billings Pro on the iPad is Here!

Track time, expenses, and invoice on the fly with Billings Pro on the iPad. Managing your invoices and overdue clients on the go has never been easier.

Track Time & Expenses

Capture your billable time and expenses no matter where you go. Track time in a client meeting, or add an expense as you're leaving the store right from your iPad.

Send Beautiful Invoices

Choose from three invoice templates and send your clients an invoice on the spot from your iPad. You don't even need to set up a client account first, just invoice and go.

Get the Home Screen Advantage

See an overview of all your invoices, projects, and clients right from the Home Screen on the iPad. You can even get right to creating an invoice with one tap from the Home Screen.

May 2013

Invoicing on the iPhone

Keep working even while you're on the go. Now you can create and send your clients a PDF invoice on the spot from your iPhone.

Send Invoices from your iPhone

Choose from 3 invoice templates (Swiss, AirMail, and Blueberry) then generate a PDF invoice that you can send to your client right from your iPhone

View Invoices in Account History

Want to check the details of a past invoice? View your existing invoices from the account history on your iPhone.

For more detail on all major Billings Pro releases, check out the release notes.

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