10 Marketing Lessons from Apple

Scaling / January 8, 2019 / Admin

Are you trying to figure out how to market your company in a way that will resonate with your target audience without making you look too salesy? Then you should definitely take a leaf out of Apple’s book!

As one of the most successful companies in the world, Apple has perfected its content marketing strategy in such a way that no other tech company can even come close to acquitting such a loyal following.

The guiding principle of Apple’s marketing strategy is simplicity. Think about it: have you ever seen an Apple ad full of flashy graphics and distracting information? Of course not! Apple ads won’t even tell you where or how to buy their products. This is because Apple’s marketing team knows that keeping it simple is the key to making your ads stand out.

Another thing that makes Apple stand out from the rest is their attitude toward pricing. Apple never gets involved in price wars and chooses instead to focus on showing the customers their unique value proposition. By putting an emphasis on user experience, Apple makes their audience feel like it’s totally worth paying the higher price for an Apple product.

Keep in mind that consistency is hugely important when it comes to creating an effective marketing strategy. You need to show your audience that you stand for something and demonstrate to them that you can always be counted on as the best choice.

To learn more marketing lessons from Apple, don’t miss the infographic by The Website Group below!

Infographic with ten marketing lessons from Apple
Courtesy of: The Website Group

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