Infographic: 10 Things To Love About Daylite Cloud

Product Updates / September 1, 2017 / Kristie

From faster syncing with less hiccups to more integration options and less stress, here are the top 10 things to love about Daylite Cloud.

infographic Daylite Cloud

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Transcribed infographic:

10 Things To Love About Daylite Cloud

  1. Save Time & Money

Troubleshooting server issues can cost a single small businesses hours of waste time and lead to hundreds of dollars in lost revenue. After moving to Daylite Cloud and eliminating the server, small businesses have reported saving hours of time and resources, making the cost of moving to Cloud well worth it.

2. Faster, Seamless Syncing

Get 3x faster syncing on Daylite Cloud than Daylite Self-Serve. Businesses that have moved to Daylite Cloud have also reported that syncing on their iPhones and iPads is must smoother so their devices are always up to date.

3. No More Networking Issues

29% of syncing issues our support team helps Self-Serve customers with are from networking issues. These can be caused by a change in IP address, closed port, hostname change, firewall misconfiguration, router not working, or not being connected to the right network. With Daylite Cloud, you don’t have to deal with networking, it just works.

4. No More Hassle of Managing Backups

On average, it takes 2-3 days to resolve data loss issues caused by not backing up data properly. It’s even taken customers up to 8 months to recover lost data from not backing up data properly and in about 10% of cases, data cannot be recovered. With Daylite Cloud, you don’ have to worry about the risk of data loss from hard drive failure, a flood, fire or stolen devices. 

5. Less Stress

Hate having to wear the IT hat on top of everything else? Or having to pay an IT person to come in and “fix Daylite” whenever there’s a server issue? Customers that have moved to Daylite Cloud have reported a decrease in stress now that they don’t have to worry about the IT side of Daylite.

6. More Integration Options

Save time with automated workflows and integrations. With Daylite Cloud you can easily build your own customer automated workflows using Zapier or by using the Daylite API. Pull online web form leads right into Daylite as new contacts, created new appointments in your Daylite calendar form online scheduling tools, and more.

7. Smoother Contact & Calendar Sharing

Setting up contact and calendar sharing on Daylite Self-Serve is one of the most frequent how-to questions asked here at Marketcircle, accounting for almost 10% of tickets on average. With Daylite Cloud, setting up Contact & Calendar sharing is much simpler and faster.

8. Always be on the Latest Version

As a Daylite Cloud customer, you get new versions of Daylite as they’re available. No more worrying about paying a lump sum to upgrade to the newest version to get new features or to be compatible with Apple’s latest Operating System.

9. Add & Remove Users as you Need

The number of small businesses using contractors has increased over 210%/ It’s estimated that by 2020, 40% of the American workforce will be freelancers and contractors. With Daylite Cloud, you can add and remove users to Daylite so you only have to pay for the months they use it.

10. Grandfathered Loyalty Pricing

By upgrading to Daylite Cloud from Daylite Self-Serve, you can save 24% on the Loyalty Upgrade Plan. This plan is grandfathered, meaning you’ll always get this discount no matter how many users you add in the future.

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