2 Risks Customers Don’t Worry About After Going Cloud

Product Updates / December 27, 2017 / Kristie

After talking to customers that have made the move to Daylite Cloud, these are two risks they no longer worry about.

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Lost data & downtime from backup issues

You’re on your way to work and traffic is a slow crawl. You’re late and you rush to your desk, spilling your coffee on your new shirt. Today is not your day. You open Daylite and notice that some data is missing. You check and see that Daylite hasn’t synced in over a week. You figure it has to be a problem with the server. You check and you were right – the hard drive failed. You sigh a sigh of relief because you can still get your data from a backup so you don’t have to worry about lost data. But your whole day just got sidetracked now because you have to deal with recovering the data from your backup. And the data you entered in Daylite in the last week may not sync after restoring from a backup, meaning you may lose that data.

When you manage your own server, you also have to manage your own backups. This means you’re responsible for storing your backups off-site so they’re protected in the event of a natural disaster or theft, and for managing your backup schedule. It also means that you’re responsible for recovering data if anything happens to your Server or your backups.

But with Daylite Cloud, you don’t have to worry about backups. It’s all handled for you in the Cloud and backups are much more frequent so you don’t have to worry about data loss.


Lost data from theft

You approach your office and see the window has been smashed. Someone has broken in. You step through the window and hear the sound of glass crushing beneath your shoes. You look around – your computers have been stolen. The worst part is the machine that hosted your Server is one of the computers that’s gone. Your backups were only stored on that computer so there goes all your data.

With Daylite Self-Serve your data can be at risk if you’re not storing your backups safely off-site and your devices are lost, stolen, or damaged. Luckily, with Daylite Cloud you don’t have to worry about this. Your data is stored in the Cloud with advanced security measures taken to keep it safe. If your Apple device is stollen or lost, you don’t have to worry about lost data. When you get a new Apple device, just download Daylite, login with your username and password and all your data can be accessed again.


Don’t want to ever have to deal with any of these unfortunate scenarios? Contact us about Going Cloud.

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