3 Frustrating Situations You Don’t Have To Deal with When You Go Cloud

Product Updates / December 18, 2017 / Kristie

Following up with clients, making sure you’re on track with your projects, staying on top of your inbox – these are things you’re busy doing each work day. What you don’t need are stressful situations that you can easily avoid.

When talking to customers like you, we often hear that you’re focused on increasing customers, ramping up sales, getting more pitches out, and improving customer relationships. Those are your goals as a business. When unexpected annoyances come up, they distract you from being focused on your goals and your business. So why not avoid these annoying headaches?

Here are some of the annoying distractions and scenarios that customers tell us they no longer have to deal with after moving to Daylite Cloud.


Frequent Syncing Issues

You’re at the office and get a call from a customer. They spoke to a colleague who isn’t available but the customer has a few urgent questions they need answered. Since they met with your colleague yesterday, there should be a linked note about what was discussed. You search for the person in Daylite and pull up their history, but there’s no linked note from yesterday. You wonder if maybe they forgot to link it. Then you see the sync error at the top of Daylite. Your Mac has stopped syncing with the server so your info isn’t up-to-date in Daylite. Now you have to look into why the Server isn’t syncing with your Mac and get yourself back up and running. Now, you have to piece everything together and ask the customer to go over all the details again, which you know they hate. This is the second syncing issue you’ve had this week and you start to feel frustrated.

When you manage your own Server, syncing issues tend to be more frequent than when you’re on Daylite Cloud. Why? There are many different things that can go wrong with your Daylite Server as it’s one machine handling all the data and data changes happening in Daylite. The bigger your team and more team members using Daylite, the more syncing and data that machine has to process. Further, troubleshooting when you’re managing your own Server can be a hassle.

With Daylite Cloud, syncing issues are rare, and in the event that there are syncing issues, they can be solved much faster because our team has access to the backend. We don’t have to ask you a bunch of questions about your Server machine or get you to check a bunch of things – our support team can quickly diagnose the problem and get you back up and running. This means less interruptions and less downtime for your team. It also means your info is up-to-date so you can service your clients better with accurate information.


Remote syncing

You’re onsite with a client and taking down notes of your discussion in Daylite. You delegate a task to your colleague and link the note. You don’t have remote syncing setup which means you’ll have to wait until you get back to the office to sync so your colleague can get the notification about the task. Time is ticking. 

Setting up and maintaining remote syncing can be challenging when you’re managing your own server. With Daylite Cloud, you don’t have to handle any of the struggles of setting up or maintaining remote syncing. Your team’s iPhone and iPads easily stay in sync without you needing to deal with any of the hassle. iPhone & iPad required you to do syncing twice manually to get the info up to date. Once to push changes, another to pull in.

Because Daylite Cloud syncs whenever an item is updated and when the app is launched, syncing occurs more frequently and automatically. You don’t have to struggle with server addresses to get your team’s iPhones and iPads syncing. You just download Daylite on your iPhone or iPad, log in with your email address and password, and as soon as your device gets an Internet connection, the data is automatically synced up!


Networking problems

You get a new Mac and need to setup Daylite so you can sync all your data over to your new machine. You have to deal with hostnames which seem to change for no apparent reason and handle all the networking on your own. You’re not an IT expert so it’s a huge pain. You just want it to work.

When you manage your own server, you have to handle all of the networking side to make sure it’s syncing with all your Apple devices. But when you’re on Cloud, you don’t have to deal with any of that – we take care of all of it for you so all you have to do is download Daylite on your new Apple device, log in with your username and password, and you’re good to go! No more struggling with IP addresses or server addresses.


Don’t want to ever have to deal with any of these annoying scenarios? Contact us about Going Cloud.

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