3 Simple Ways to Perfect Your Sales Process

Closing Deals / February 26, 2019 / JD

Closing deals require more than charm and killer instincts. With the right sales system, you can put away the ’80s power suit and still exceed your sales targets.

Finding the perfect way to close doesn’t happen overnight, and isn’t something you can do ad hoc. But when you find it, it will change how you do business and what you can achieve.

The best way we’ve found to close more deals is to build a sales system. Instead of trying to create it all at once, focus on small improvements and experiments. Document what you do, why you do it, and then adjust your tactics as you learn what works.

Want to build your sales system? Then read on and learn three things you can do to create a sales system that will help you close more deals today.

Wow leads by remembering what’s important

Have you ever gotten a call, text, or email from someone who knows you but you had no clue who they were? Have you asked that terrible and awkward question, “Remind me, who are you again?”

Even with 20,000+ contacts, you can give each person a personal touch. With the right system, you can recite any detail in an instant because you’re storing the most important information about your leads and clients. No matter how much time has passed since you last connected, you can show them you cared enough to remember.

The basics like name, phone number, email address, and a physical address is a good start, but you can take it further. Start to categorize people based on their relationship with you — things like lead, client, vendor, etc.

Tag people with detailed terms or phrases based on:

  • Interests
  • Products/Services
  • Where you met them

With this information, you can see who they are to you and get a few context cues. Not only will you jog your memory, but you can also use the information to show the customer you remember them.

Organize all communication, meetings, and decisions

Sales have a lot of moving pieces — things like conversations, meetings, decisions, files, and more. Being effective at organizing these can go a long way in making sure you close the deal.

Notes are flexible at capturing information, but they are one of the first things to get lost. So how do you use these effectively in your sales process?

First, stop capturing things on stacks of sticky paper and store notes digitally. Second, make sure you link your notes to what they are related to. A digital pile of notes is almost as useless as a real one, so make sure each note retains its context, like an appointment, conversation or details on a task.

A glance at most people’s desktop tells us files is another organizational problem area. We are used to storing files on a computer, but so many of us are no good at keeping them organized. Instead of placing them in the most convenient place to save them, follow the way of the note and connect the files to what they are about.

Prioritize your leads and focus

A good sales process isn’t following the same steps for every deal. Not all deals are created equal, and some may be too big, too small, or too hard to close. To maximize how you spend your time, you need to know which deals to target and when to focus on them.

Ask yourself what information you need to determine whether someone is a good prospect.

Ask things like:

  • How much business can they offer?
  • Do you have the time to deliver what they need?
  • Are they shopping or serious about your business?

Tag each person with the answer to these. Group your leads with other similar leads and focus on them. Filter out those that are not good fits and go all in on those ready to close today.

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