3 Ways Daylite Cloud Helps Admins Get More Done

Product Updates / December 6, 2017 / JD

When you’re the IT person, admin or even the “office techie”, you often get pulled away with urgent, last minute tasks. Your workload is already full and while these interruptions seem small to everyone else, they add up. Instead of pushing back your own tasks, wouldn’t you rather us take a few things off your plate?

3 Issues

The driving factor behind Daylite Cloud was the feedback we got from small business owners and their teams were that managing their own server was a struggle. Even for those who have dedicated teams of IT pros, managing the Daylite server takes resources and time. We are here to give you the best of Daylite and are constantly improving the experience so you can win more business and get more done.

In our business, we manage various apps and services. On their own, the workload isn’t much, but when you add each one up, it starts to become a real time suck. – Edward Hölsken, Chief Strategy Officer, Creative Media Network

Learn about 3 simple things that you no longer have to worry about with Daylite Cloud that can make a big difference for the anyone who is managing their own Daylite Server today.

Users Can Reset Their Own Passwords

Have you ever had to work with that person who never remembers their password? Sending you urgent emails, saying they can’t work every week? When you manage your own servers and services, they come with a lot of baggage often including managing everyone’s password. So, whenever someone forgets their password, you’re the one who has to drop whatever you are working on to help your colleague. These interruptions may seem like a small thing to your team, but to you, it can be a major deal. When you switch to Daylite Cloud, we take away all the hassles of running the server, and this includes passwords.

Whenever someone on your team forgets their password, they don’t need to interrupt you. All they need to do is go to Daylite Cloud’s account management page and they will get an email which will help them reset their passwords.

Less Work Adding Users

Your team expanding is great, but it also means a lot of work when your the person who manages all the office tech. You need to set up email accounts, buy new software licenses, create new accounts. It is a lot and you’re expected to do it right away. Daylite Cloud makes adding people to your database easy. All you need to do is invite the user with their email address and that’s it. Your new user will get an email from us which walks them through setting up their account, a link to download Daylite, and how to log in.

Not only is adding new accounts a pain, making purchases in a small business, particularly when purchasing technology can be annoying. You need to get approval from someone who might not understand what you’re doing, chase down the company credit card, and make sure the invoice has all the information some account said was needed. When you add or remove users, the bill automatically adjusts without any additional work from you.

Backups Made Easy

You know that the right backup can save a business in the face of crisis. It is a lot of pressure, and between the hardware, software, and services that you need, it can get expensive. Why not remove the responsibility from your list of to-dos and get enterprise level backup strategies built right into the price of Daylite Cloud. We have put a lot of effort into keeping your data secure. This starts with how it is stored. Your data is stored using ZFS with data checksums so we can be certain your data is not corrupt.

We also create regular backups and always multiple copies of the database in sync. And of course, we keep your data in separate data centres to protect you from emergencies local to a single data centre. You can learn more about data and Daylite Cloud security on the Daylite Cloud security Page.


Take some extra baggage off your plate and free yourself from distraction. Shut down the server, pick up a cloud and get the best experience with Daylite.

Want to chat with someone before going Cloud?  No problem reach out and we’d be glad to help you Go Cloud.

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