30 Actionable Tips To Help Green Your Office Space [Infographic]

Scaling / March 25, 2019 / Admin

Nowadays, most of us are fully aware of the effect our actions have on the environment and, as a result, make great efforts in our personal lives to reduce our waste and energy usage. Often this is focused on the home: separating the recycling, taking showers instead of baths, turning down the heating, etc.

However, despite all of our impressive efforts to save the planet from within our personal abodes, often our collective environmentalism can go out of the window once we arrive at the office. But why shouldn’t the same rules apply?

The workspace can be an incredibly wasteful place. In a digital world, reams of paper needn’t endlessly pump from the printer and if you’re struggling with LED bulbs and recycling bags at home, then why shouldn’t they be doing the same at work?

For those who think their office is an environmental disaster to those who just need a little inspiration to help reduce their company’s carbon footprint, FreeOfficeFinder have come up with 30 simple and actionable ways to ‘Green Your Office Space’.

These genuinely helpful tips are ideal for small to medium size businesses who want to have a real, positive effect on the environment. They also have the added bonus of saving a company’s money as well as bringing teams – who will now have a common goal – closer together.

Infographic shows 30 creative ideas for small businesses to make their office spaces more green and environment friendly.

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