4 macOS Catalina Features Small Businesses Will Love

Quick Tips / October 9, 2019 / Kristie

When it comes to running a small business, tough decisions become a regular part of your day – but choosing Apple isn’t one of them! Many small businesses opt to work with Macs instead of PCs for a variety of reasons, from security and user-friendliness to build quality and sleek design.

animated characters working on a whiteboard with catalina macos

Whatever your reason, with Apple’s recent release of macOS Catalina, there are plenty of new features you can learn about on macworld.com. Below, we’ve picked out the handy features that will increase your productivity and focus so your small business runs like a well-oiled machine! 

Apple Mail 

  • Mute an email thread: Got cc’d on an email thread you don’t need to be reading? You can now mute the thread – no more push notifications when you’re trying to be productive! 
  • Block emails from certain senders: Bye-bye spam. You’ll never have to see it again! 
  • Send unsubscribe requests right from Apple Mail to mailing list providers: Some mailing lists are great! Like ours! And you can sign up here. But sometimes, when the emails aren’t useful, you just need to unsubscribe. Whether it’s too many emails, not what you were expecting, or just plain annoying, you can now unsubscribe right out of your inbox. 

Daylite Tip: To be even more productive with Apple MailDaylite Mail Assistant integrates with Apple Mail so you can create contacts, appointments, tasks, and more without ever leaving your inbox. You’ll have a history of every interaction with your clients just a click away to make nurturing your relationships easier than ever! 


  • You will now be able to more easily make, track, and organize your reminders with the Reminders App! 

Daylite Tip: You can integrate your Daylite Tasks with the Reminders app on your Mac, iPhone, and iPad and even use Siri to create Daylite Tasks on the go! Never forget what needs to get done!  

Screen Time for Mac

  • You may have already used Screen Time on your iPhone or iPad – you can now use the app on your Mac and gain insights on trends and habits on your computer usage time! 

Small Business Tip: How much time are you spending on that project? In all your apps? In front of your screen in general? Use Screen Time to understand how your time is spent and how you can improve your time management! Start focusing on being productive rather than just busy. 


  • Too much happening on your Mac’s display? You can now extend your Mac’s display both wired and wirelessly to your nearby iPad. So much room for activities! 

Small Business Tip: Take advantage of a second display to de-clutter your desktop and focus on the task at hand. With Sidecar, you can literally move distractions away and get more done while still having easy access to apps you may need later. 

You can learn more about all of Catalina’s exciting new features from Apple, and if you’re unsure how to update your macOS, follow along with Apple’s steps.

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