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7 Efficient Ways to Inspire and Motivate Your Sales Team

Closing Deals  October 25, 2017  Kristie Holden

Sales teams often represent the most important pieces of a business organization. Due to the fact that the end-point, the purpose, or the goal of any company who wants to make profits is to make sales, every business owner has to acknowledge the critical importance of their sales department.

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Mark Harley, CEO at BestEssays, shares his insights on the matter:

“If the sales team is efficient, the sales performances will be fruitful. Therefore, every small business must consider upgrading its sales techniques not just through strategies but also through a consistent collective and personal improvement. This can be incorporated through team-building experiences and personalized trainings depending on the company’s short term needs.”

Therefore, as Mark explains, in order to contribute to the development of your sales team, you can set different things in motion. This will definitely add a lot of value to the team up to the point where your salespeople are eager to take their job into their own hands. A great leader always inspires his or her subordinates.

And that’s exactly your job. To inspire and motivate the most important department of your company. In today’s post, we’re giving you 7 efficient strategies to inspire and motivate your sales team.

Reading this then skipping the real action will take you nowhere. I suggest picking two to three strategies and implementing them as soon as possible.

Establish Full Trust

If you want to lead a team of individuals, you need to win their trust completely. Put yourself in your team members’ shoes; would you give your 100% to something or someone you don’t really trust? I bet you’d do your hours safely, without intervening too much, without being proactive or motivated to exceed.

But, if you would totally trust your company’s purpose and your leader(s), you’re no longer be passive. That’s exactly what you need to offer to your sales employees. The moment they trust you the moment they’ll start contributing more on their own.

Give Your Team Visibility over the Important Aspects

As mentioned earlier, your sales team ends the business cycle. Your sales employees are responsible to convert an already interested prospect into a loyal, long-term customer. Yet, in order for them to be able to do that, you must give them everything they need.

Your sales team should be able to see statistics, analytics, metrics, and everything that concerns data. Moreover, periodic meetings should be established. During these interactions, update your sales department with news, updates, and general information that will put them up to speed with the most important things that are going on in that moment.

Establish Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Goals

In order for your sales team’s performance to become consistent, you need to ensure that they’re sticking to a plan. As the leader of the business, you should develop different goals and objectives for your team.

Monthly goals, weekly goals, and daily goals. I highly suggest you stick to a limited number of goals. Overwhelming your employees is not a wise thing to do, so you’d better emphasize a few, very important goals.

In addition, you should take advantage of different team management tools such as Daylite. Their motto is “Win more business. Get More Done”. Have all your sales members organize and track your goals there. Everyone can share updates as you make progress.

Offer Rewards, But Let Your Team Choose on Its Own

Don’t forget about your employee’s dopamine systems! Each and every one of us adores being acknowledged and rewarded. Your sales team’s employees too! The easiest way to find the right motivation for each of your employees is to simply ask them about their ideal reward.

Do this with each of your employees. Talk to them, give them a survey, or send them an email. Note everything down and see whether every request is possible to attain. The main idea is to find a great motivation factor and use it very wisely.

Now, decide the results that must be accomplished in order for the rewards to be granted. Don’t shy away from asking big things from your employees; after all, you were truly generous offering them a choice when it comes to their rewards, so let them be generous with their quality work.

Make Them Fall in Love with the Company’s Purpose

If you want full dedication on a consistent basis, your sales team has to “fall in love” with your brand’s mission and purpose. Human beings are stimulated by the paycheck, yes, but that’s never going to light the fire in their hearts. They’ll never work with full stimulation and passion, so they’ll never reach their full potential.

To optimize the performance of your employees, give them the real “why” behind everything they do. Not every one of them will love it, and it’s then when you’ll know which of your sales members are truly involved. You can decide later if you’re going to replace the non-passionate or not.

Encourage Proactivity and Offer Flexibility

The sales performance of a sales team can skyrocket overnight. How? Brilliant people make it happen. How? Through brilliant ideas. Why? Because proactivity and flexibility are present.

Encourage all of your sales representatives to be as proactive as they can. Encourage them to think of brilliant selling angles, outside-of-the-box ideas, and so on. Moreover, let them know that they’re free to present the ideas or even put them into implementation.

Provide Growth Possibilities and Opportunities

Human beings are meant to grow. The need of growth is one of our main basic needs, yet growth is rarely stimulated on a consistent basis. Sometimes, we fall into our comfort zone pits, and we sit there tight until we can do it no longer.

An efficient leader should be eager to provide growth opportunities to their employees. An employee should always be able to make progress if he or she wants to, and you’re the one who has to make sure that growth possibilities are available. For example, you can provide each of your employees the best books/videos/resources that will help them play a better role in the company. Win-win.


Upgrading any team’s performance takes time, commitment, and consistency. This is a valid statement, especially for the sales team. You need to get involved, you need to pay with your time and nerves, and you need to stay consistent and persevering. Trust me; in the end, everything you did is going to pay back ten times in value!


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