8 Differences Between Reactive & Proactive Entrepreneurs [Infographic]

Executing on Plans / April 22, 2019 / Kristie Holden

Are you constantly busy but not getting the results you want for your business? Do you want to be more strategic about your time to ensure your energy is focused on things that will move your business forward?

It’s easy to get caught in fire-fighting mode or to spend most of your day stuck in your inbox only to realize in the afternoon that half your day has gone by. If you want to take your business from reactive to proactive, it starts with you. It starts with the decisions you make everyday on where you focus your time and energy. While discipline and effort are required, don’t let the idea of coming up with a big, complicated strategy scare you. All it takes is making small changes every day in how you work to make changes that will impact your business in the long run.

Stop getting stuck reacting to everything and start being strategic. We’ve created this infographic to show you the differences between reactive and proactive work and how you can move to being more strategic to take your business further.

infographic: difference between proactive and reactive entrepreneurs

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