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8 Tips For Better Remote Team Project Management

When a project goes well, the success can be attributed to how well the team worked together. When you’re all working in the same room, it can be easy to build up relationships. As a remote team though, you may run into problems.

Here are 8 tips to help you build up those relationships and succeed, even if you’re on different sides of the globe.

1. Have a chat room open constantly

In an office, you can be chatting while you’re working. If you’re remote, though, it’s not as easy. You can replicate this environment by keeping a chat room constantly open. That way, if anyone needs some quick help, they can chat in here.

2. Make project objectives clear

When working with your team, you’ll be working mostly in the written word. That means that you have to be careful that your communications are clear and easily understood. Make it easy for your team to come back and ask questions, if they need to. Also, brush up on your grammar and spelling, as these can make objectives harder to understand. Use tools such as State of Writing and Best Australian Writers to help you do so.

3. Find ways to encourage team morale

This is important, either you work in the same office as your team or you’re remote workers. Keeping morale up is essential to the health of your project. Give rewards and praise for work well done, and work on keeping the tone positive in your communications.

4. Monitor communication effectiveness

There’s lots of tools that can help you communicate, but not all of them are built equally. Look at what your team are using. Does it help them get work done, or does it just slow them down? Be prepared to make changes if you need to.

5. Use tools for quick video or visual communication

Project manager Timothy King at Elite Assignment Help says “Emails and IMs are good, but they can only get you so far. Using video chat can be a great way to bring a team together. This helps with communication, as so much of it is visual and this way nothing is lost. It’s the best way to conduct important meetings as you work on a project.”

6. Use screen sharing tools

It’s harder than you think to describe a problem if you can’t see the other person’s screen. Screen sharing tools can be invaluable when talking with your team, as you can show each other progress and issues that need to be solved, quickly.

7. Use quarterly reviews to check in on your team

Just as you would in a regular office, ensure that you’re offering regular reviews with every member of your team. You want to find out how they’re getting on, and about any issues they’re having. This helps you keep in touch with your team, and make improvements to how you work if needed.

8. Encourage two-way feedback

“Feedback isn’t a one way street,” says project manager Barry Jones from UK Top Writers. “Encourage your team members to feed back to you about your management style, and how they feel the project is going.” Doing this means that you’ll have a much more rounded view of how the team is working together, and what can be done to improve it.

These 8 tips are designed to help you improve your team communication, no matter where you’re based. If you’re careful to keep on top of communication and your team’s needs, then you can consistently put out good work for your company.


About the Author:

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