A Christmas Story, Told by Marketcircle

Scaling / December 15, 2014 / Kristie

One day Santa noticed that he was getting less and less handwritten letters from children, and instead was receiving thousands of emails. His inbox was overloading with emails from kids about how they wanted new bikes, Xboxes, and iPads. He was wasting so much paper and ink printing out each email and he was being buried by his inbox.

Christmas Story 1

Finally, Santa had enough and began searching for a solution to manage his emails. After doing some research and reading online reviews, Santa tried using Daylite. He realized that Daylite solved his inbox problem, as well as helped him delegate tasks to his elves, and allowed him to prioritize his time with Mrs. Claus.

Once Santa began using Daylite Mail Assistant to manage his inbox, he and his elves became way more efficient. From each email, he would create a task to make the toys on the list and delegate it to one of his elves. He would then link that to the child’s contact record so that when he got down the chimney, he knew exactly which gifts to deliver.

Christmas Story 2

This saved Santa lots of time and his elves appreciated that they could keep track of all the toys they needed to make. He also appreciated that with Daylite, he could assign the category “naughty” or “nice” to each child’s contact record, which made it easy for him to determine whether they deserved toys or a lump of coal.

Christmas Story 3

Santa and his elves were more efficient than ever, so he looked into another app developed by Marketcircle- Billings Pro. He found that with Billings Pro his elves could track their time spent making each toy. This helped them plan out their time effectively for next year.

Before Christmas Eve, Rudolf suggested to Santa that he use GeoFind, a Daylite plug-in from iOSXpert, to plan out his route effectively. Santa was thrilled and gave Rudolf a raise.

Christmas Story 4

On Christmas Eve Santa felt more prepared than ever. He had his route planned out thanks to GeoFind, and with Daylite on his iPhone, he was able to quickly check which toys needed to go to each house.

Christmas Story 5

Normally after delivering all the presents, Santa would return to the North Pole and start preparing for next Christmas. But this year, Santa was so organized that he had an extra month before they needed to prepare for the following year. Santa had saved so much time with Daylite that he was able to take Mrs. Claus, his reindeers, and all his elves on vacation.

Christmas Story 6

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