A New Way To Stay On Top Of Follow-Ups

Product Updates / June 3, 2019 / Kristie

You know the feeling. That pit in your stomach when you forgot to follow up with someone? It’s embarrassing.

Following up with people when you say you will is the most important part of building lasting relationships and closing more deals. So if you forget, you’re breaking that promise and it makes you look like you’re not on the ball. To make sure you’re always on the ball, how do you stay on top of follow-ups?

Staying on top of follow ups

One problem, multiple solutions

When talking to customers in a variety of industries, we found that while everyone had the same problem. They needed to stay on top of follow-ups, but they all had different ways of managing them in Daylite.

Some people used Notes, while others, used Appointments. For some, follow-ups were done with a Task or a date field on a contact. The common thing was following up was important, but there wasn’t a clear “best” way.

To streamline the process and make sure you’re always on the balll by having Daylite remind you to follow-up, we created a New Follow-Up button in Daylite.

Using the New Follow-Up button from a Person or Company in Daylite, the Person or Company is automatically linked, and the title of the task is created for you.

For example, from the person Joe Smith, by clicking the New Follow-Up button, a new follow-up will be created that’s automatically titled “Follow up with Joe Smith” and will be linked to him in Daylite. All you have to do is set a date and time for Daylite to remind you! No more worrying about forgetting to follow up.

New Daylite follow up button

No matter how many leads and customers you’re juggling, staying on top of follow ups is easy and fast.

More follow up tips

For more tips to stay on top of follow-ups like creating a follow-up schedule, check out this Daylite tutorial: How To Stay On Top of Follow Ups.

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