Announcing Daylite 4

The day is finally here. After countless hours of work and what ended up being a nearly complete rewrite, we are pleased to announce the release of Daylite 4.

We were quick to adapt our products as the iOS platform grew rapidly due to massive sales for both iPhone and then iPad, and released Daylite Touch, Billings and Billings Pro Apps. With solid native apps already in place as part of our small business software lineup, we are glad to return our attention back to the Mac.

When we began work on Daylite 4 in full force, we had some important decisions to make about our approach to Daylite on OS X. We considered simply building on top of the Daylite 3 interface, by adding features and modernizing the visual look and feel. Or, we could truly redesign it by starting from scratch and really focus our efforts on making Daylite dramatically easier to use. And in doing so, would give us a solid foundation to build on in the future as we continue to evolve the product. Despite the substantial risk, we decided to go with our guts and build something that we could truly be excited about.

So, with our engineers already working on low level code to make Daylite more responsive so users would never have to wait for results to display, our designers met with many of our customers, both longtime users and those brand new to Daylite. We wanted to learn what they thought was most important to add, and also what caused them the most difficulty using the old version of Daylite. It was great to hear from so many different business perspectives during this process and the product is definitely stronger because of all of the input we received.

The result of this redesign process is drastically simplified interface and a much reduced learning curve, while still retaining the core of what Daylite does. We were also able to include many of the most requested features, such as the ability to view family or personal calendars inside Daylite, drag and drop re-ordering of tasks that can also now be assigned to specific stages in pipelines, external meeting invites, and so much more.

Using Daylite on mobile devices is now even better with built in CalDAV and CardDAV servers, which allow you to use the Contacts and Calendar apps on iOS to enable Caller ID and Siri integration on your iPhone.

A completely new Daylite Mail Assistant for Apple Mail, now works in both conversation view and in full screen mode and as well, offers quick access to task and appointment creation or tagging keywords.

During the development process, we decided to remove some less used or features that didn’t quite fit with our new direction. Based on your feedback, some of these features may come back, so please check out the before you upgrade page for more details. To ease the transition, we will be continuing to sell and support Daylite 3 until the end of 2012 for customers that depend on those features that have not yet made the jump to Daylite 4.

Previously we had licenses for each separate component, now every license of Daylite includes Apps for Mac and iPhone and iPad, Daylite Mail Assistant and Daylite Server. We’ve also simplified things further by making licenses based on active users, each with full access on as many devices as they need.

On behalf of everyone here at Marketcircle, we truly love this brand new Daylite App for Mac and are super excited to get it into your hands. Visit our tour page, find out what’s new, or go ahead and grab demo versions from the App Store. Or shoot us a note to @Marketcircle and we’ll be happy to chat with you about it.

Until next time…

P.S. We are working hard on Marketcircle Cloud for Daylite. Sign up to be notified of our progress.