Announcing Daylite 4

Product Updates / May 29, 2012 / AJ

The day is finally here. After countless hours of work and what ended up being a nearly complete rewrite, we are pleased to announce the release of Daylite 4.

We were quick to adapt our products as the iOS platform grew rapidly due to massive sales for both iPhone and then iPad, and released Daylite Touch, Billings and Billings Pro Apps. With solid native apps already in place as part of our small business software lineup, we are glad to return our attention back to the Mac.

When we began work on Daylite 4 in full force, we had some important decisions to make about our approach to Daylite on OS X. We considered simply building on top of the Daylite 3 interface, by adding features and modernizing the visual look and feel. Or, we could truly redesign it by starting from scratch and really focus our efforts on making Daylite dramatically easier to use. And in doing so, would give us a solid foundation to build on in the future as we continue to evolve the product. Despite the substantial risk, we decided to go with our guts and build something that we could truly be excited about.

So, with our engineers already working on low level code to make Daylite more responsive so users would never have to wait for results to display, our designers met with many of our customers, both longtime users and those brand new to Daylite. We wanted to learn what they thought was most important to add, and also what caused them the most difficulty using the old version of Daylite. It was great to hear from so many different business perspectives during this process and the product is definitely stronger because of all of the input we received.

The result of this redesign process is drastically simplified interface and a much reduced learning curve, while still retaining the core of what Daylite does. We were also able to include many of the most requested features, such as the ability to view family or personal calendars inside Daylite, drag and drop re-ordering of tasks that can also now be assigned to specific stages in pipelines, external meeting invites, and so much more.

Using Daylite on mobile devices is now even better with built in CalDAV and CardDAV servers, which allow you to use the Contacts and Calendar apps on iOS to enable Caller ID and Siri integration on your iPhone.

A completely new Daylite Mail Assistant for Apple Mail, now works in both conversation view and in full screen mode and as well, offers quick access to task and appointment creation or tagging keywords.

During the development process, we decided to remove some less used or features that didn’t quite fit with our new direction. Based on your feedback, some of these features may come back, so please check out the before you upgrade page for more details. To ease the transition, we will be continuing to sell and support Daylite 3 until the end of 2012 for customers that depend on those features that have not yet made the jump to Daylite 4.

Previously we had licenses for each separate component, now every license of Daylite includes Apps for Mac and iPhone and iPad, Daylite Mail Assistant and Daylite Server. We’ve also simplified things further by making licenses based on active users, each with full access on as many devices as they need.

On behalf of everyone here at Marketcircle, we truly love this brand new Daylite App for Mac and are super excited to get it into your hands. Visit our tour page, find out what’s new, or go ahead and grab demo versions from the App Store. Or shoot us a note to @Marketcircle and we’ll be happy to chat with you about it.

Until next time…

P.S. We are working hard on Marketcircle Cloud for Daylite. Sign up to be notified of our progress.

101 Responses to “Announcing Daylite 4”

  1. Will Marketcircle Cloud be ready by the end of the year? Makes sense for us to move from 3 into the cloud.

  2. […] to its announcement blog post, Daylite 4 is a complete overhaul of the app to include those features customers felt were most […]

  3. Awesome news! As a consultant that uses Daylite, and helps deploy it for our clients, we’ve been waiting eagerly for this release. Huge congratulations to the entire Marketcircle team. Keep up the good work!

  4. […] Daylite 4, the new version of the Mac and iOS CRM solution from Marketcircle, gets its first major redesign in a long time. Daylite has a decade-long history with the Mac as a powerful CRM tool that helps businesses keep track of customers, sales and related projects. The updated version is available starting Tuesday in the Mac App Store and iOS App Store, the company announced Tuesday in a blog post. […]

  5. […] to its announcement blog post, Daylite 4 is a complete overhaul of the app to include those features customers felt were most […]

  6. Jorge
  7. Looking good guys – now I just have to upgrade my machine to try it out (perfect excuse to upgrade!)

  8. […] to its announcement blog post, Daylite 4 is a complete overhaul of the app to include those features customers felt were most […]

  9. […] to its announcement blog post, Daylite 4 is a complete overhaul of the app to include those features customers felt were most […]

  10. YES!!! This is the most exciting software news since Daylite Touch!

  11. Looks great and promising, when will the german version available (@Mr. Ruppert)?

  12. R. Byrd
  13. Soo excited about this! I’ve been using Daylite since version 1 and I’m sure I will be upgrading as soon as I see Apple’s new hardware. Thanks for the invaluable software.

  14. … when the FoneConnector comes available for Daylite 4 we are ready to upgrade.

  15. Troy
  16. Billings Pro Integration timeline? Can’t work with one hand chopped off.

  17. Emily Rudow
  18. Billings Pro integration will be restored in the future. For now we are collecting customer feedback on the importance of this feature to determine how quickly it will be implemented.
    Thanks for your comment 🙂

  19. Mike Filchak
  20. I hope this products MYOB integration actually works, unlike the previous platform.

  21. Emily Rudow
  22. @MikeFilchak Daylite 4 does not currently support the 3rd party connectors (AccountEdge, FileMaker, LightSpeed, MoneyWorks). We are exploring a new, REST/JSON based API for connectors in the future. We’ll maintain the API and we’ll guide 3rd parties on how to make and maintain connectors. This new mechanism will allow for much better integration opportunities.

  23. Brian
  24. I like the new look, but I’ll be waiting for the Accountedge link. As great as the new look and features are, that link is imperative to my workflow (ie. it eliminates duplicating quotes in AE).

    Can’t wait though. Looks good.

  25. Christopher Kennedy
  26. looks good, I see DMI changes to Daylite Mail Assistant. Does that mean that e-mails written on the iPad and iPhone will now also be linked in? (which has not been the case so far)

  27. Emily Rudow
  28. @ChristopherKennedy Apple does not allow plug-in support for the mail app on the iOs so currently there is no method to link emails from the mail app to Daylite on the iPhone or iPad.

  29. Bert Shure
  30. This looks great. I have a question about Sync Services. I’m using Daylite3 and syncing to iCal and Address Book.

    I use Spanning Sync to sync to and from my google calendar and contacts. This gets data to my Android phone.

    How will this work with Daylite4?


  31. Emily Rudow
  32. @Bert Shure This will not work with Daylite CardDAV since you cannot bring contacts from 3rd party apps into Daylite. If you are using Daylite 4, then the contacts and calendars will not ‘talk’ to your current Sync Services setup. Basically, you can share your Daylite calendars and contacts to other CalDAV or CardDAV client apps such as Address Book, iCal and iOS (Contacts and Calendar apps). If you have a Google calendar, then you can subscribe to it only in Daylite (it will be read only). You will not be able to bring your Spanning Sync contacts into Daylite. If all your contacts are in DL, then you can setup CardDAV on your Android (if it supports it) to pull the DL contacts.

  33. Marketcircle releases Daylite 4 | Design City
  34. […] to its announcement blog post, Daylite 4 is a complete overhaul of the app to include those features customers felt were most […]

  35. This looks amazing. Well done on the rewrite!

  36. Don Piontek
  37. No Daylite 4 on the App. store yet.

  38. Emily Rudow
  39. @DanPiontek It could take up to 24 hours, keep checking back! It will be available soon 🙂

  40. lori
  41. So happy to hear this, you’re addressing exactly the issues that have been encouraging us to switch to google calendar, now maybe we’ll stay after reviewing the new system.

    Appreciate the responsiveness.

  42. Nanishka Duthie
  43. This is very exciting! I have owned daylite and used it to operate my business for the last 3 years. I’m really hoping that you guys will offer a fair solution for existing Daylite 3 customers to upgrade. This software was sold to me by the business representative at Apple as a great/inexpensive solution for small businesses who needs to be able to stay connected remotely and enable employees across the country to access and update calendar and contacts information real time. However, we ended up spending a few thousand dollars setting up this system, paying for annual iPhone licenses and working around all the limitations of Daylite, including the fact that there was no good integration with caller id and calendar. I have sent several requests to your support and was told you guys were working on resolving some of these limitations. Now that a new version was released resolving those issues and support for version 3 only provided through the end of 2012, it seems like it forces existing customers to upgrade, and therefore make a greater investment. It would be great if someone could contact me to let me know how you guys will be working with other customers like myself.
    Thank you!

  44. Emily Rudow
  45. @Nanishka Thank you for your feedback Nanishka. It is indeed an exciting time here at Marketcircle. Our goal is to ensure that our products and pricing are catered to small businesses like yours. Please contact one of our sales representatives directly so they we can work with you and ensure that this upgrade will meet your needs and that you have the correct upgrade path. You can contact our team at info [ at ] marketcircle [ dot ] com.

  46. Jason Green
  47. So far it’s not showing up in the Mac App Store. Hopefully soon.

    Also, is there no way to download Daylite Server from the site anymore? I run Daylite Server on a remote Mac mini in a data center and I would download Daylite Server Admin from the site. Thanks.

  48. Mike Auty
  49. @Jason Green
    App store search indexes seem to be slowly updating across various countries. Sign up here for your download link to Daylite Server:

  50. Peter
  51. Will it run independent from the current 3.x version or is there no way back ?

  52. Mike Auty
  53. @Peter
    Daylite 4 does run independently of 3.x, completely different server ports used. Go ahead and give it a try!

  54. That is great news. Much cleaner interface. I have tried daylite 3. For me, Task timer (including subtask timer or resume feature) pleas also on the mobile devices, is essential. Cloud sounds exciting, but the estimated price point of 30 $ may be a bit on the high side for really small businesses.

  55. Where can I get Daylite Server Admin 4? I bought Daylite 4 but it requires Daylite Server Admin 4 and I can’t find that.

  56. Emily Rudow
  57. @AndrewHudson Go here fill out your information and you will receive an email with download links.

  58. Hi Folks,

    this looks realy good and for shure i start a new trial …
    btw. on your productspage / daylite at the bottom the “buy now” button do not work !!!

    best Victor

  59. Still no exchange support and/or outlook support.
    Lion only? Many customers still use snow leopard. Not a good thing. MY customers will not be upgrading to Dayite 4.

  60. Mike Auty
  61. @Seth Zuckerman
    Exchange accounts are supported in Apple Mail for Server 2007 SP2 and higher, I believe. Daylite Mail Assistant only works in Apple Mail.

    As for Lion, hopefully the release of Mountain Lion this summer fixes your customers issues with it and they can finally upgrade. For us, there were too many advances made in Lion so far as development goes that we decided to look forward on OS X. Hope you’ll join us at some point. Cheers.

  62. […] to its announcement blog post, Daylite 4 is a complete overhaul of the app to include those features customers felt were most […]

  63. The future’s looking bright!

  64. Dan
  65. Is this a free upgrade from 3 or is it a paid upgrade ?

    I thought it was a free upgrade from previous versions.

    4 Looks cool!

    Thanks 😉

  66. Emily Rudow
  67. @Dan it’s a paid upgrade from 3. You can get all the information on upgrade pricing here

  68. JB Benna
  69. I was crossing my fingers about a cloud solution. Not moving to the cloud is a huge mistake. After 6 years of DayLite use, I just had to switch to I think daylight is one of the best apps out there, and the iPhone app is hands-down the best. But I don’t want have to run my own server, install software, do backups, support users, and upgrade all of my clients every time there’s fix. So until there’s a turn key cloud solution unfortunately I have to move to a different platform.

  70. Emily Rudow
  71. @JB Benna Stay tuned, cloud is coming soon!

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  73. […] In major redesign, Daylite 4 integrates with native iOS apps by News Reporter on May 30, 2012 • 1:08 AM No Comments Daylite 4, the new version of the Mac and iOS CRM solution from Marketcircle, gets its first major redesign in a long time. Daylite has a decade-long history with the Mac as a powerful CRM tool that helps businesses keep track of customers, sales and related projects. The updated version is available starting Tuesday in the Mac App Store and iOS App Store, the company announced Tuesday in a blog post. […]

  74. John Tenny
  75. I see that you’ll support v3 until the end of 2012. Since I’m not using Lion, does that mean that my v3 will no longer run after that date and that the time and money we’ve invested in DL is wasted?

    With so many features ‘coming’ or ‘in review depending on feedback’ this is clearly a beta version. I clearly understand the usefulness of keeping up the with the OS abilities, but closing one bridge before the other is completely built seems risky.

  76. Emily Rudow
  77. @ John Tenny You’re v3 will still work after the end of 2012 so you can continue using it 🙂
    To better clarify, we will be selling v3 until the end of the year and will continue to support v3 until 2013 at the very least.

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  79. […] […]

  80. Any chance that profile based configuration is included or in the works? I am excited about the new interface! Just want to streamline deployment and data removal.

  81. Mike Auty
  82. @Jason Snyder
    Not sure if you are speaking generally or are referring to .mobileconfig profiles for iOS? We tried to see if they would work for CalDAV setup as an example, but there are currently bugs in iOS that prevent this from working now. We’ll update the blog with more info if things change.

  83. […] Daylite 4, the new version of the Mac and iOS CRM solution from Marketcircle, gets its first major redesign in a long time. Daylite has a decade-long history with the Mac as a powerful CRM tool that helps businesses keep track of customers, sales and related projects. The updated version is available starting Tuesday in the Mac App Store and iOS App Store, the company announced Tuesday in a blog post. […]

  84. R. Byrd
  85. Is there a centralized place that lists the features that are not moving to Daylite 4, and is there there Daylite Delivery set of workflows or equivalent that can be used with Daylite 4. Delivery has made automated almost all of my customer updates and really see it as a huge value.

  86. Matt Henderson
  87. For the benefit of others, I’ve outlined the steps I did in upgrading, including information I found missing from the Marketcircle website. Hope this is helpful.

    How to upgrade from Daylite 3 to Daylite 4, in a multi-user, server-based scenario. (Note that Daylite, Daylite Server Admin, and Daylite DMI have all been upgraded to version 4.)

    1. Buy a Daylite 4 license at the Marketcircle website. This covers a single user, on all device — desktop and mobile, using all products.

    2. Fill out the following form at the Marketcircle website. You’ll receive an email with download links to the various products — Daylite 4, Daylite Server Admin 4, and Daylite Mail Plugin 4.

    3. Make sure all your Daylite 3 mobile apps are synced, and desktop Daylite 3 clients have transitioned from Offline to Online.

    At this point, you’re ready to upgrade:

    4. On your server machine, launch Daylite Server 3.

    5. On your server machine, launch Daylite Server 4. You’ll be greeted by the Setup Assistant. Choose “Migrate from Daylite 3”, and following the instructions. Note that you can only choose one database to migrate. If you have others, you can repeat this procedure later from within the Database tab of the Server Admin 4 product.

    6. Walk through each pane of Server 4, enabling the various functions you need — like automatic port mapping if you want external clients to reach your server, and database backups.

    7. With Server 4 running, you can now launch Daylite 4 desktop client. You’ll want to probably turn on automatic syncing in the preferences, if you previously had that on in Daylite 3 as well. You can also launch Mail, with the new Daylite 4 plugin.

  88. Andy
  89. It won’t stop crashing for me. I’ve email the many crash reports to support.

  90. I can download the Daylite 4 Server and Daylite Mail Assistant, I can’t download Daylite 4 the application. Nothing happens.

  91. Emily Rudow
  92. @Scott Landsverk you can download DL4 on the MAS

  93. […] to its announcement blog post, Daylite 4 is a complete overhaul of the app to include those features customers felt were most […]

  94. Charles
  95. The jury is out. The interface has been simplified to the extreme. It now looks simplistic. Daylite key differentiator was its ability to manage collections (smart groups). The tour does not show any. Is it gone?

  96. Mike Auty
  97. @Charles
    Definitely not. In fact, they’re back and more powerful than before while being much easier to use. Check out the home page under the heading Find Exactly What You’re Looking For… shows an example of the new Smart List editor.

    If you’re interested in learning more about some of the additions as to what you can filter for, join us for a free webinar:

  98. Scott
  99. How do you download the Daylite 4 program? I was only able to download the Server and Mail Assistant.

  100. Emily Rudow
  101. @Scott Daylite 4 is available for download on the MAS

  102. Josh
  103. I had a very good system of contact and calendar sync setup for daylite 3 which now is not supported… I use Daylite 3 as a single user environment, sync contacts and calendar to address book and ical. Use busysync to push ical (read/write) to my Google Apps account and Google sync built into address book to push my contacts to my business Google Apps account. Google mobile sync is setup on my iPhone and iPad and gives me read/write access to every daylite contact and calendar event. Allows me to also work outside of Daylite in the Google Apps interface or on my iPhone (Called ID was working fine).

    Daylite 4 looks to have killed that now and wants me to run a dedicated server to push the data to and from the iOS devices and also wont integrate into Google Apps.

    Also Billings integration is gone?!?!!? Surely the smart move would have been to build everything that is great about Billings into daylite4.

    I will just have to get my thinking cap on to work out how to integrate all these changes into our workflows and systems.

  104. Emily Rudow
  105. @ Josh Apple Sync Services is a closed standard and tied to the Apple eco system, whereas CalDAV/CardDAV is an open standard which makes it possible for more applications to access and exchange data with Daylite. CalDAV/CardDAV can be setup on an iOS device, so if you are using multiple sources of calendars and contacts they can still be viewed in an aggregated list. If you pull your Daylite contact data into your iOS device, you will still have the Caller ID functionality. Also, in Daylite you have the ability to subscribe to your Google calendars, so you will be able to see your Daylite and Google calendars at the same time.

    Post for setting up CalDAV/CardDAV on iOS:

    Post for setting up CardDAV on Mac and iOS:

    Billings/Billings Pro Integration will be restored in the near future. If you depend on this, then we suggest that you keep using Daylite 3.x until the functionality is available in Daylite 4.

  106. Willem
  107. Hmmm, no Billings integration. I won’t be able to upgrade until this is possible.
    Please marketcircle, upgrade soon…

  108. Emily Rudow
  109. @Willem Billings integration in DL4 is on the pipeline. We are gathering customer feedback on the importance of this feature to determine it’s priority.

  110. Casey de Kroon
  111. Hey guys, I like the new rewrite of Daylite. and like to upgrade, although i only just bought Daylite 3 less than two months ago, i thought we might be able to get a free upgrade on this, spending another AU$180 would be a bit much for us. Hope you guys can sort something out. Much obliged.

  112. Emily Rudow
  113. @Casey de Kroon please contact sales at with your request.

  114. Dan
  115. Awesome upgrade. Congrats!

  116. Paul Freeman
  117. I think the direction of the product looks good in theory and the upgrade price is reasonable.

    I’m very concerned about the missing features though. One of the main reasons I bought the product was for the Moneyworks integration for doing estimates. If Cognito (the vendor) decides not to implement a change to the API (because it means work for them). I’ll be stuck with two non-integrated products. I had to pay for the connector as well, so effectively thats money thats down the drain.

    I’m also concerned about the implications of the changes to reports. I rely on the print layouts I’ve created in Daylite 3 for handling all my estimates, licensing etc. workflow. As the print formats seem to use the same underlying engine as the reports, I wonder what the implication of this is.

  118. Emily Rudow
  119. @ Paul Freeman We are exploring a new, REST/JSON based API for connectors in the future. We’ll maintain the API and we’ll guide 3rd parties on how to make and maintain connectors. This new mechanism will allow for much better integration opportunities.

    Many of the standard reports have been removed because we feel that the functionality is better served with the new smart list mechanism and improved column mode printing. Custom reports will have to be manually migrated or redone, especially those with scripts. Many of the low level API calls have changed with the new foundation. Scripting within the reports has been simplified, but still requires an expert. Adding and editing reports is now done from within the “Report Templates” preference pane. If there are reports that you would really like to see back, please let us know. If there is a specific report/print layout that you need, you can contact a Certified Marketcircle Partner who can build a template for you.

  120. Bert Shure
  121. @Emily Rudow
    Hi Emily:

    Thanks for the detailed reply. DL is the master repository for my contacts and calendar. I think that I can talk to CalDAV and CardDAV from my Android phone, and (of course) from my iPad.

    i’m thinking that i won’t need google calendar in a browser window to send meeting invites. i’ll use DL4. that’s a good thing.

    the only thing left is that i use google voice on my phone and in my browser. the phone should be fine, but how will google voice stay sync’d with my DL contacts? with DL3, i can make changes in either place and when it doesn’t crash, syncing works great. this will be going away.

    i hope there is an easier way to push contact changes from DL4 to my google contacts than exporting and importing.

    i would hate to have to go back to dialing my phone by hand when i’m at my desk.

    it does seem like the pieces are coming together.



  122. Dan
  123. How can I send a appointment or meeting to someone who is in my database but not an internal user ?

    Hope that makes sense, I want to invite them to join my meeting.

  124. Dan
  125. I found that it is possible in the Manuel but it doesn’t say how to invite

  126. Dan
  127. it worked , so does this happen automatically ? when I add some one ?

  128. Derek
  129. As soon as Billings integration is available I will upgrade instantly!

  130. Task timers are a big deal for our company as we use them a lot. We do a lot of tech support and need the ability to track time spent giving support to each client. One feature I had hoped would be added would be the ability to view total time spent on a given task type for each project.

    I’m really hoping the Daylite team adds to this feature, not rolls it back.

    Looks good so far though guys! I’m looking forward to being able to upgrade soon, once I am sure it is safe for our company.

  131. Emily Rudow
  132. @ Tim Adams Thanks for your feedback. Billings Pro integration is high up on the priority list and will be added soon!

  133. It all looks great! But, without Account Edge Connector, we will be unable to move forward with Daylite. So lets see some 3rd party developers create a fantastic new connector:)

  134. Emily Rudow
  135. @Fred B We’re currently gathering connector requests. Thanks for you input, we will notify though our blog/twitter once new connectors have been released for Daylite 4.

  136. Jack
  137. @Emily will the integration be for just Billings Pro or Billings as well and is there a timeline for this update.
    Much appreciated.

  138. Emily Rudow
  139. @Jack We are currently collecting requests regarding the integration. We will keep users informed about the status of the integration through this blog. Feel free to send additional feedback to info [at] marketcircle [dot] com.

  140. Hi Guys. Your iCloud version is just what I need. Your site says ‘by end of year’ and also ‘coming very soon’ – is there an ETA on this? I’m itching to get going with Daylite.

  141. Emily Rudow
  142. @Glenn If you add your email we will notify you when status updates are released. Thanks 🙂

  143. cadratin
  144. Sounds great!
    But sorry, won’t upgrade until Billings integration.
    Can’t imagine not using both products together…

  145. Emily Rudow
  146. @cadratin we’re working hard on the Billings Pro integration with Daylite 4 so stay tuned!

  147. Zack
  148. Will upgrade when billings integration is complete!

  149. Emily Rudow
  150. @Zack Thanks for the feedback. Billings integration in Daylite 4 is a high priority for us as well- We’re working on it.

  151. Tobi
  152. Hm. I’m new to the Daylite world. I installed it on my machines and set it up (half a day for a newbie) and NOW I found out that DL4 doesn’t support Billings.
    Do you already have a date, when Billings4 will come?? That was my purpose… 🙁

  153. Emily Rudow
  154. @Tobi We don’t have a specific date right now as to when Daylite 4 will support Billings Pro, but it is a highly requested feature so we are working hard on the integration to release as soon as possible.

  155. Juian Wong
  156. Guys- why did you drop the ‘formatting styles’ from the notes section?
    Also, when creating an object (notes, task, person), the highlighted object (project, person, group) is no longer automatically linked.
    These are not very friendly changes. I really want to give some feedback. How do I contact you?

  157. Emily Rudow
  158. @Juian Wong You can contact support by opening a ticket Thanks for your feedback we will log it in our feature requests.

  159. Gabby
  160. Waiting for AccountEdge connector.

  161. Emily Rudow
  162. @Gabby Thanks for your feedback. We’ve logged it in our feature requests.

  163. I received an email after entering my info on your link:, but the email I received had no links.

    Now that v4 has Daylite Server does that mean I no longer need BusySync to sync my data?

    I have two Google accounts, can Daylite sync data to the two different calendars?

  164. Emily Rudow
  165. @ Diane we recent the email could you email erudow@marketcircle [dot] com if you are still having issues in receiving links?

    BusySync gives users with Google Calendar and Daylite 3 the ability to ‘talk’ to each other via Sync Services. Daylite 4 works differently and does not use the Sync Services technology, it uses CalDAV for sharing calendars. So for viewing Google Calendars in Daylite 4, BusySync is not needed. For users with Google Calendars, they have the ability to subscribe to their primary calendar within Daylite. This means they will see their Google Calendar in their ‘My Calendar’ view, but it will be ‘read only’. If the user has two separate Google accounts, then they can subscribe to the primary calendar from both accounts.

  166. Hello,

    I have daylite 4 now but having problems with sync. contacts
    with daylite 3 this looks more easy to set up
    Can somebody tell me how I can sync between daylie 4 and my addressbook
    I’m using

    Mac OSX10.8.2


  167. Emily Rudow
  168. @Marcel Have you opened a support ticket yet? If not, please initiate one so we can resolve your issue quicker:
    Thanks 🙂

  169. Matt
  170. For the love of God, will you please develop the AccountEdge connector?

  171. Emily Rudow
  172. @Matt we’ve made the API’s available to third party developers so it is up to them to develop the addons.

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