Announcing Webinar: Daylite For Real Estate

Our Company / June 13, 2017 / JD

Are you a realtor or broker that wants to close more deals and increase efficiency? We’re kick starting a Daylite for Real Estate weekly webinar to show you the different ways Daylite will change how you do business and help you achieve your goals.


By enrolling in this webinar you will learn how to improve how you followup with customers with form letters, discover how Daylite can help you target the right people and properties while increasing the numbers of listings you can manage at a time. Spend less time flipping through emails and your calendar to find out who you should be following up with and more time doing what you do best: closing deals.

Topics this webinar will also go over:

  • How to capture leads and listings efficiently
  • How to track buyers and sellers
  • How to manage follow ups quickly with all your leads and clients
  • How to Manage listings with Pipelines visually track how your sales progress
  • How to Segment your leads and clients

Are you interested in growing your business by improving your sales process and managing more leads? Spots are limited so sign up now!

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