Apple’s WWDC inspires our own developer’s conference

Our Company / June 13, 2014 / mpaclarkmc

Apple’s WWDC is always an exciting time of year for those of us in the software development department here at Marketcircle.  Each year as many of us as possible pack our bags and head down to San Francisco to attend the conference, full of excitement at what’s to come from Apple, and we always stumble back home with information overload.  It’s a great week!

In recent years, the popularity of the conference has made it difficult to get enough tickets to take the whole team down, and this year Apple changed it up and introduced a lottery to more randomly distribute tickets to the huge developer community clamouring to attend.  We only managed 1 ticket for 2014’s WWDC, and we decided that it made most sense for our CEO, AJ, to attend.

Along with trying to make conference ticket distribution more fair, Apple has also put a lot of work into making all the content at WWDC available to developers not attending within a day of its introduction at the conference. This allowed us to rekindle an idea we had last year, holding our own developer conference alongside Apple’s, where we would watch WWDC sessions, play with the new OS versions and experiment with new technologies.

So we planned a varied menu of catered food for the whole company each day, we watched the keynote as a company, had a video games night on Wednesday and generally had a lot of fun learning about the new cool things Apple unveiled.  The week definitely got the creative juices flowing and we are looking forward to taking advantage of new OS features and development tools in future Daylite and Billings Pro updates.

We’re already looking forward to MCDC 2015. 🙂







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