Attorney and Achiever, Jackson Doggette Relies on Mac-Based CRM Daylite to Stay In “Supermode” on Personal and Business Streams

Our Customers / December 1, 2022 / Thanny Schmitz

When Jackson Doggette Jr. was a young boy, three important people gave him advice that he has carried close to his heart throughout his whole life: His mother said, “Find a need and fill it,” his grandmother said, “Learn all you can,” and his father taught him to recognize the difference between “rules” and “principals.”

Those life lessons have served Doggette well. Today, he’s a fulfilled professional with an extensive list of achievements: attorney, an ordained minister with more than four decades of experience, a musician, a published author, a Certified Nonprofit Executive, Diversity Professional, Specialist in Planned Giving, Life Coach, and a loving husband and father. As if that wasn’t enough, he is also the founder of Doggette Law Firm, specializing in Family Law and founder of Doggette Solutions LLC., a consulting firm that focuses primarily on helping non-profits drive positive change. 

While Jackson’s interests are vast, his business tools are not. He depends on Daylite, an Apple-based Customer Relationship Management and business app, to keep track of everything he’s involved in.

Portrait of a smiling Jackson M. Doggette Jr. He has one elbow slightly lifted and wears a dark grey blazes and a white and red butterfly tie.

Jackson Doggette, founder of Doggette Law Firm and Doggette Solutions LLC. 

A Mac Lawyer since Apple’s First-Ever Laptop

When he started Doggette Law Firm, Jackson Doggette already knew that the Apple ecosystem was the right choice. Even though today, there are more and more Mac users in the Legal industry, back in the day, lawyers usually preferred operating their practices on Windows. Doggette was already a “Mac man” so he ran his law practice using the original Mac laptop, to the displeasure of many peers. “People would disagree with me, but I find Mac is a better computer. It’s easier to use, and it worked!” he said.

Being a Mac-savvy lawyer, he knew that the success of his Law practice depended on a tool that could help him consolidate all the moving pieces of his caseload, as well as his multiple professional endeavours, in one place. From day one, Doggette tried several case management tools and productivity apps with no luck. Once he discovered Daylite, Doggette knew he had everything he needed to run and grow his business successfully.

The mission of Daylite is to help small business owners and entrepreneurs worldwide achieve consistent growth by efficiently managing more clients, closing more deals, and finishing more projects. Daylite helps customers conquer their industries by allowing teams to proactively share information, next steps and details; keeping everyone in the loop. Instead of information silos, teams can collaborate better to get the context they need to hit targets, propel deals, and finish projects.

Image shows a MacBook and an iPhone screen side-by-side, both showcasing Daylite.

As a “Mac man” from day one, Doggette knows that Daylite, the only Mac-based CRM and productivity app, has everything he needs to run and grow his legal business successfully.

“Daylite consolidates everything I need to run my practice”

Doggette has been using Daylite since it was still a physical suite that required a CD to install. The main reasons for such a long and fruitful partnership are Daylite’s seamless integration with the Apple ecosystem, including applications like Apple Calendar, Contacts, and Mail, and its linking capabilities, which Doggette affirms to be fundamental to his practice. “The way that everything integrates is what I can’t live without. Emails, notes, calendar, tasks, files, and address books are all very important to a case, and it’s all in Daylite.”

That’s because Daylite is made with small businesses in mind. For the Legal industry, Daylite empowers law firms, solo attorneys, and lawyers to stay on top of all client communications, including emails exchanged, meeting notes, documents, and follow-ups. It also helps to keep track of court dates to properly track each case’s progression, including status and next steps. From the initial meeting to taking on a new client, preparing and winning the case, and following up for repeated business and referrals – it’s all in Daylite.

Daylite Keeps a Chronological History of Every Client’s Communications

Daylite’s seamless integration not only with Apple devices but also with Apple applications that Doggette uses daily, like Apple Mail, is a major factor in his extensive professional success. Because most of his client communication happens via email and phone, he requires a tool that can store and easily locate all important information from the communications exchanged.

That’s where the Daylite Mail Assistant, aka DMA, comes in. DMA is a comprehensive email integration that captures email communications in the Daylite database, making it easy to filter, search and locate every bit of information related to cases. DMA also allows Doggette to take action from his emails directly from the inbox. With just a few clicks, he can create new contacts, create and delegate tasks, set up meetings, and link documents to existing cases in Daylite. This gives Doggette a full chronological history of each case he’s working on, all in one place. 

Screenshot of Daylite's Activity View showing a chronological history of communications.

Because most of his communication happens via email and phone, Jackson Doggette relies on Daylite Mail Assistant to have a chronological history of clients’ communications.

Managing Cases with Ease with Daylite Projects

Because each case is different and time-sensitive, as some cases will settle while others will go to court, it’s essential for law professionals to rely on a tool to keep track of all the different moving parts for each case. That’s why Jackson Doggette trusts Daylite Projects. 

When onboarding a new client, one of the first actions Doggette takes in Daylite is to create a Project to start documenting and tracking the case’s progression. “I almost use Daylite Projects exclusively, as this is where I keep track of all my active cases.” 

Then, he uses Smart Lists to stay on top of every upcoming court date or deadline, which helps him plan his strategies accordingly. And because Daylite works offline, Doggette can simply take his MacBook or iPad to court and still have access to his entire database, including important documents and communications. 

Screenshot of Daylite Project Pipeline view showing a project called "Legal Consultation"

Doggette uses Daylite Projects to keep track of all the moving parts of each of his cases.

Daylite’s Opportunities Board Is a Game Plan For Growing Revenue

Being able to properly track and prioritize active deals based on value and revenue is a game-changer for Jackson Doggette. Daylite’s latest product innovation, the Opportunities Board, has given him the ability to visually track each opportunity’s progress at every stage of the pipeline, which helps him prioritize the sales opportunities he needs to focus on first. Moving deals from one stage to the next is as simple as a drag and drop, making it even easier to organize the Opportunities and classify them as Won, Lost, or Abandoned, for example. 

Thanks to its powerful filtering capabilities, the Opportunities Board allows Doggette to sort his active deals in various ways to get different perspectives on his sales opportunities so that he can come up with the best action plan. That way, he can focus on the most urgent or valuable deals first. “This new tool (Opportunities Board) is incredibly easy to use. I can see where all the money is in my pipeline, which allows me to focus on where I need to harvest that money.” 

Needless to say, the Opportunities Board is already Doggette’s favourite Daylite feature. 

Screenshot of the Daylite Opportunities Board showing the process of dragging and dropping an opportunity card to the "Won" category in the bottom.

Daylite’s new feature, the Opportunities Board, helps Doggette have a holistic view of his sales pipelines, allowing him to harvest the most valuable deals first.

Making the Most of Multiple Businesses with Daylite

In addition to his family law business, Doggette also plies his trade in the non-profit industry. His business Doggette Solutions offers consulting services to non-profit organizations in multiple industries, helping drive positive change. Daylite has helped him maintain both businesses on top of multiple other professional and personal projects, thanks to features like Keywords and Categories. 

With so many different personal and professional streams happening simultaneously in his life, Jackson Doggette knows he can always rely on Daylite to keep his priorities clear and focus on what’s really important. “Daylite keeps everything together and accessible, allows me to keep up with everything, so nothing falls through the cracks.” Daylite is the ultimate CRM and productivity app that helps dynamic professionals, creative entrepreneurs, and curious minds turn their passions into successful businesses. 

Hit play on the video below to watch Jackson Doguette’s interview with Cyndi Edwards, where he talked about his practice, what inspires him, and all the many ways Daylite helps him on his journey:

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