Automate Your Time Tracking in Daylite with iOSXpert and timeBro

Our Company / December 12, 2019 / Kristie

Where does the time go? It’s usually a rhetorical question, but when it comes to running your small business, understanding what you’re spending your time is not only crucial for accurate billing, it also lets you assess where your efforts are going – and if they’re the right places.

Two animated characters holding up a timer

With the help of iOSXpert and timeBro, you can now track everything you’re doing on your computer and what you’re spending time on – that means not just your apps, but websites and even files!

Manually keeping track of all your activities is tedious and time-consuming on its own. Details can fall through the cracks and you’ve now added an additional task to your forever-growing task list. But can you sacrifice the productivity, efficiency, and money that optimized time management will bring you? Now you don’t have to choose!

If you’re already using iOXpert’s Time&Budget plugin with Daylite, you get a 40% discount for each timeBro user or you can give timeBro a try free for 14 days! Make creating more time a reality and learn more about iOSXpert and timeBro!

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