Back from the wilderness

Scaling / August 14, 2006 / Alykhan Jetha

Africa was great and it’s good to be back.

My experiment in trying to stay in touch from there was a partial success. There are many Internet Cafes all over the place. I found some in towns with a population of less than 10000 people. That’s impressive considering most people make a lot less than $3 a day. The only challenge was the speed of the connection and the sheer volume of emails I get.
The preferred method of communication there is SMS. Most business people there use SMS over email, so I got on the SMS bandwagon and got any vital info I needed using that technique.

I also met some Daylite users – by accident. I knew my Daylite t-shirt would come in handy. It is really nice to meet people that use your software – especially in places you totally do not expect.

Until next time…


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