Best People: Best Place Episode 14 With Alykhan Jetha, President & CEO at Marketcircle

Our Company / August 1, 2022 / Thanny Schmitz

Marketcircle recently conducted an employee survey that resulted in a 100% employee satisfaction rate! To organize and coordinate this survey, we counted on LifePulse Inc, a third-party organization that helps companies bridge performance gaps, allowing them to sustainably hit their goals while avoiding burnout.

In this episode of the Best People: Best Place podcast featuring our CEO Alykhan Jetha (AJ) and hosted by Matt Granados, President and Co-Founder of LifePulse Inc, you will find out how Marketcircle created an environment where people love to work and AJ’s key learnings from growing the company and the team for over 22 years – all while going over and highlighting the results of Marketcircle’s latest employee survey.

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Best People: Best Place is a space to discuss what the best places to work have in common and what managers need to know to manage successful teams. During this insightful conversation, Matt and AJ talked about how technology has evolved since Marketcircle started in 1999, how Marketcircle grew from a small team to 50+ employees and the challenges of managing growing teams. AJ explains that the key learning is slicing the goals into small accomplishable pieces and providing employees with the autonomy and tools they need to do their best job. 

When asked about how AJ found the balance between allowing people to fail and the ability to critique and correct in the same environment, AJ explains that “balance” is the keyword and that he aims to put in perspective the goal a team member is trying to achieve and the effort they made to get there, and that’s how Marketcircle offers room to fail and space for employees to learn from mistakes. 

AJ also takes the opportunity to highlight how efficient communication and team building are crucial, especially in remote teams and how it reflects on Marketcircle’s core values of teamwork, Kaizen, ownership, creativity and empathy. 

Don’t miss out on this episode of the Best People: Best Place Podcast if you want to know more about AJ’s journey as the CEO of Marketcircle, creators of Daylite. And if you feel inspired and would like to be part of our growing team, check out our open positions and join us!

About the author: Thanny Schmitz is a seasoned copywriter and content strategist passionate about technology and entrepreneurship. With over a decade of experience, Thanny has been behind insightful articles and blogs that inform and spark meaningful conversations within the ever-evolving spheres of tech and small business success.

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