Billings submitted to the Mac App Store.

News & Events / November 4, 2010 / AJ

As many of you have heard, the Mac will have an App Store just like an iPhone or iPad. There are still many many questions as to how things will work, but I think it is worth the risks, especially with an app like Billings.

The Mac App Store will be a great way to help new users overcome fears of buying software. Lots of new Mac users (Apple consistently reports that 50% of retail store purchasers are new to the Mac) just don’t know where to buy software online. Also, space for software on the retail shelves is getting scarce.

Besides, it wouldn’t be a real Mac App Store without some Apple Design winning software 😉

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6 Responses to “Billings submitted to the Mac App Store.”

  1. Great news, I think that is the way to go.
    I think the mac app store will be a success, the windows world not even realize it.

    Hope to see further apps on the Mac store as other Best apps such as Daylite! And would not be sad having a version update on it 😉

    Keep on good development! Great job so far.


  2. Absolutely, good move I say…


  3. Hate to say it… Iove Marketcircle products but lack of IPAD integration has made move to other platforms. I know it takes time but shouldn’t take this long.

  4. AJ
  5. @Travis. You can use Billings Touch on the iPad. You could also upgrade to Billings Pro and use Timecard (web interface) on the iPad. Those are options we have for now.

  6. Jorge N.
  7. I don’t know if it’s really such a great idea (the Mac App store thing, not the Billings submission to it).

    From what we’ve all seen from the existing one, I’m afraid we’ll see more of the same cheap, generally gimmicky software that’s polluted the existing store (what’d they call them again – “Ringtone apps”?), and I think that’s generally going to lessen the perception of business and other quality software on the Mac and set back the whole platform. And not only will existing developers have to cut back their prices, they’ll have to give Apple another 30% to boot!

    Plus, how long will it take Apple to approve updates? Weeks? urgh!

    To me it just looks like another cash-grab attempt from Apple on developers

  8. Li
  9. Hi!
    Good work. I like Billings. It’s easy, but when in spanish version??

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