Billings in Retail

Scaling / August 2, 2007 / Alykhan Jetha

I’m happy to report that Billings 2.5 has reached the retail shelves of a good portion of the Apple Stores and a few other retailers.

Producing a box is quite an effort. We applied all the lessons we learned from the various incarnations of the Daylite box to this one and I think we hit a home run. The box is beautiful, stands out and gets the right message across.

We iterated the current Daylite box 22 times before it shipped. This Billings box took us something like 14 or so iterations – after we thought we finished it! It’s a lot of tedious hard work.

I’d like to thank all the people involved – from distribution, to design to copy writing to manufacturing – Thanks!!

Until next time…

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