Billings Pro 1.8 for iPhone and iPad is now available

Product Updates / August 26, 2014 / Kristie

Billings Pro 1.8 for the iPhone and iPad is now available in the app store.

We’ve refined the look of Billings Pro for iOS 7 with a new sleek design to make viewing your information more clear. We’ve made improvements to the home screen on the iPad that make it easier to get information about your accounts at a glance, as well as on the iPhone to analyze your work and billable time together.



We’ve refined the way the timer moves and removed gradients from your client and invoice list to put more focus on your important information and remove any visual distractions. These refinements, along with the ability to adjust text size, seeing your billing and invoicing information on the iPhone and iPad is even easier.

BP18timer copy

New for the iPhone and iPad:

  • Sleek redesign for iOS 7.
  • Cleaner interface makes it easier for users to see all their information.
  • Ability to adjust the text size so that it’s easier to read without having to zoom.

New on the iPhone:

  • Amount billed and total time spent are displayed on the same graph on the home screen, making it easy to compare daily billing and work time.

New on the iPad:

  • Home screen now displays all status counts for all invoices, all projects, and all clients. One glance gives users all the key information they need, including the number of active projects, overdue invoices, and overdue clients.
  • Home screen now displays the number of any unfiled slips, so if a user creates a slip and forgets to file it they’ll know as soon as they open the app. Organizing time and expense slips is quick and easy!
  • Users can now search for a client by name from the ‘All Projects’ and ‘All Clients’ view on the iPad. Users can just type in a client name and pull up their account balance right away.

In addition to these great new features on the iPhone and iPad are bugs that we’ve squashed. For a full list of bug fixes you can read our full release notes.

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