Billings Pro and Daylite are ready for iOS 7 [Updated]

Product Updates / September 17, 2013 / Admin

Just like everyone else, we’re very excited about iOS 7!

If you use Billings Pro or Daylite on iOS devices, the best way to ensure a smooth transition is to update your app when you update your OS — or better yet, update your app before you update to iOS 7!

Billings Pro

Later tonight or early tomorrow morning, Billings Pro 1.7 will be available on the iOS App Store. For the smoothest transition, you’ll want to update to this new version before you update to iOS7.

If you are a self-serve customer, you’ll want to make sure you have updated to Billings Pro Server 1.6.5. You may have seen email about this, but it bears repeating. The server update is available now.


For the best results, you’ll want to make sure you are using Daylite 4.3.2 on your iPhone and iPad (on App Store since September 3rd); and Daylite Server 4.3 or later (released on August 12th).

These updates should make everyone’s transition a smooth one.


[UPDATE] It seems some people are experiencing “connection terminated” issues when connection from Daylite 4.3.2 on iOS 7. To resolve this, please install Daylite Server 4.3.2, which is currently available on our latest builds page.

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