It’s Here … Billings Pro comes to iPad

Product Updates / September 18, 2013 / Admin

The day is here! We’re all so excited to announce the newest addition to the Billings Pro family — Billings Pro on iPad.

Billings Pro on iPad is designed to be used the way you use an iPad. We spent a lot of time thinking about how different the user experience is for the iPad than for a Mac or iPhone. The design and development intentions were to make Billings Pro on iPad super streamlined with direct access to your relevant invoices, projects and clients. Now, it’s never been easier to make and send an invoice directly from your iPad.

So what’s in Billings Pro on iPad?

iPad 2@2x

Create and Send Beautiful Invoices

Getting from zero to invoice is very easy.  There’s no need to set up clients and projects first. You can invoice straight away, on the spot or on site.

To create an invoice, it’s super easy to choose from one of the three included templates, or spend a few more minutes to create your own custom invoice template right from your iPad. You can even include your logo. The invoice you send is the invoice they see — not a fascimile, but the real deal.

Track Time and Expenses

When you start working on a project, fire up a quick time slip. The time slip capabilities let you capture billable time, while allowing you to continue working in other applications on your iPad. Whether you’re in a meeting or typing away, the time slip streamlines the process of keeping track of time by simply applying your time slips to an invoice.

You can even add expenses and mileage associated with each project in the office or on the road, right from your iPad. Then easily apply the expenses to an invoice if you choose to.

Home Screen Advantage


All your most relevant information is right on your home screen. No lists, or sorting. The home screen is sorted by “most recent activity” so you can find your most recent clients, projects and outstanding invoices right when you launch Billings Pro.

That’s just the start. There are so many more great features, such as integrating with Credit Card Terminal to accept payments while in the field (Credit Card Terminal is sold by Innerfence). For a full list of release notes, please visit our Knowledge Base.

Free for All Billings Pro Customers

Billings Pro on iPad syncs with the rest of your Billings Pro apps on Mac and iPhone, whether you are on a subscription plan or a self-serve customer. You can get the whole Billings Pro experience on all your devices — your Mac, iPhone and now your iPad! Download Billings Pro on the App Store!

Billings Pro is free to download, requires iOS 6 or later, and is compatible with iOS 7. If you already have an account, to get started, simply log into your Billings Pro account using your credentials or Billings Pro server (for self-serve customers). If you’re a new customer, you can sign-up for an account on our website or create one in Billings Pro on your iPad.

We hope you enjoy!  🙂

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