Billings Touch Available Now!

Product Updates / January 5, 2010 / Alykhan Jetha

We are very proud to finally introduce Billings Touch to you.

Judging from the tweets, emails and forum posts, many of you have been eagerly waiting for Billings Touch and it’s finally here.

For Marketcircle, this is the second iPhone/iPod touch app. Both Daylite Touch and Billings Touch are major apps, not little utilities.
Billings Touch is different from Daylite Touch because it can be used by itself – without Billings Mac or with. This makes Billings Touch our first app available to non Mac users.

When we began our design process, we didn’t want to do a me-too timing app. We wanted to raise the bar – something we can be proud of. As you know, from my previous posts and my various interviews on BNN, we think the iPhone represents a new form of mobile computing. It’s the next phase. The iPhone is not just a “smartphone” – it’s a computer that happens to make calls and fit in your pocket.

A few of our beta testers marvelled at how much you can accomplish with Billings Touch. Much of it for free and some for pay. We’ve employed one of the App Store’s new features – Free download with “In App Purchase”. This will give you an idea of how the whole app works before buying. You can even pair with Billings Mac so that you can see it in action with your own data. If you are happy, unlock it to sync and/or to send invoices.

Get all the details on our new Billings Touch page. Download it and give it a try.

Until next time…

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