The Brand Called You Podcast Featuring Our CEO Alykhan Jetha

Quick Tips / August 31, 2022 / Thanny Schmitz

We’re excited to share a recent episode of The Brand Called You Podcast featuring a very special interview with our CEO, Alykhan Jetha (AJ). Hosted by Ashutosh Garg, The Brand Called You Podcast features experts, high achievers, and technology gurus from across the world, to talk about a wide range of topics that are shaping the world. This episode, in particular, is full of remarkable insights that will surely brighten your day as an entrepreneur, especially if you’re into the startup scene.

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In this very spontaneous talk, AJ shared a glimpse of his journey from Congo to Canada as a refugee and how he became a successful entrepreneur and founder of Marketcircle and Daylite – an award-winning CRM and productivity app used and loved by thousands of small businesses worldwide.

As the founder and CEO of Marketcircle for over 22 years, AJ mentioned the following common mistakes that startup entrepreneurs should avoid: having the wrong people in the wrong roles, not knowing how to manage cash flow, and having team members whose core values differ from the company’s. In addition, AJ reflects on how it is very easy to lose faith in yourself in a fast-paced startup setting, but hard work and learning from mistakes are essential steps in your entrepreneurial journey. 

As a bootstrapper himself, AJ also takes this opportunity to offer advice to startup founders and business owners who are considering bootstrapping. He explains that it all depends on your experience level because investors and Venture Capitalists will often invest expecting a certain outcome in a pre-established time. When you’re experienced and know how things work in a startup setting – such as financial statements and what kind of people you want to hire – it’s easier to measure such parameters and meet the investors’ outcome expectations.

This meaningful and insightful conversation provides valuable insights into AJ’s path to fulfilling a life-long goal: helping small businesses and entrepreneurs grow efficiently, which he does through the award-winning CRM and productivity app Daylite. We highly recommend this episode of The Brand Called You Podcast if you’re looking for a motivation boost. 

About the author: Thanny Schmitz is a seasoned copywriter and content strategist passionate about technology and entrepreneurship. With over a decade of experience, Thanny has been behind insightful articles and blogs that inform and spark meaningful conversations within the ever-evolving spheres of tech and small business success.

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