Brand your business better with Billings

Scaling / February 1, 2007 / Alykhan Jetha

Today, Apple announced a new online seminar series titled “Brand your business better with Apple“.

We have a similar pitch in regards to Billings 2. You spend all kinds of effort and time working on your image. You have a great website, great business cards, nice looking brochures, slick presentations and then when it comes time to asking for the money, where the rubber hits the road – your invoice looks like it was made in the 60’s.

I will not tell you how many un-automated invoices I get that just make me shudder. They are a total let down and they significantly impact my impression of those companies. I momentarily forget what a great job they did for me and wonder why the heck am I paying these folks so much money? (the invoices I approve are usually the larger ones).

So along with your website, your business cards, your presentations, I urge you to consider making your invoices as a key part of your image. This is especially true for professional services. Widget and products are not such a big deal, but services are.

If you are having challenges with your invoices, look at Billings and notice the kinds of invoices it can produce. We spent a long time engineering a system that does the right thing and produces the best invoices out there. The combination of Billings and your branding (logo, color, fonts etc…) can make your small business look a lot bigger and help inspire more confidence in you by your customers.

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