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A Christmas Story, Told by Marketcircle

One day Santa noticed that he was getting less and less handwritten letters from children, and instead was receiving thousands of emails. His inbox was overloading with emails from kids about how they wanted new bikes, Xboxes, and iPads. He was wasting so much paper and ink printing out each email and he was being buried by his inbox.

Christmas Story 1


Finally, Santa had enough and began searching for a solution to manage his emails. After doing some research and reading online reviews, Santa tried using Daylite. He realized that Daylite solved his inbox problem, as well as helped him delegate tasks to his elves, and allowed him to prioritize his time with Mrs. Claus. Continue Reading >

Proactive Vs Reactive Email Management

Feel like you’re always playing catch-up with your email?

Try becoming more proactive about managing your inbox, rather than constantly reacting and wasting time. To avoid getting stuck in your inbox, you will require a bit of planning, discipline, and some help from Daylite Mail Assistant.

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Achieving Inbox Zero with Daylite

Nobody likes that daunting feeling you get when you open your inbox only to see a flood of emails at the start of your day. Not the best way to kick off a morning, is it? Doing a bulk delete would be nice, but ineffective. Productivity guru, Merlin Mann, also experienced this feeling so he developed a solution- Inbox Zero. Daylite Mail Assistant helps you achieve Inbox Zero.

What is inbox zero?

Inbox Zero is a system created by Marlin Mann to solve the problem of getting stuck in your inbox. This system helps with email management by allowing you to efficiently clear your inbox. Mann explains in a  video in July of 2007 that the most valuable and irreplaceable resources a person has are their time and attention. When these two things are focussed on your inbox, your work suffers and productivity decreases. Instead, he explains that you should “process” your emails quickly by putting little focus on the emails and just attention on the action required of them, so you can power through your emails and get on with your day. This way you can move through your inbox quickly, removing the clutter from your inbox that drives you crazy. Inbox Zero is based on the idea that every email requires one of 5 actions: Continue Reading >

Benefits of Using a Mobile CRM

We live in the age of information. Answers to questions we have are accessible everywhere and that’s the way we not only like it, but also expect it. We want to be able to find what we need, when we need it. The same goes for business information. What good is data stored on your laptop at home when you’re out of the office? When you’re running a business, time is money so if you can’t respond fast, you’re missing out on a piece of the pie.

Having access to your information at your fingertips allows you to be mobile while you work, no matter where that is. You can enter in new data as well as access that data at anytime, anywhere. Whether you’re in a meeting with a client, on the road, or away on a business trip, your information is always with you. This now opens the door for you to use your time away from the office to your advantage. Continue Reading >

How to Organize & Prioritize Your Team’s Tasks

Prioritizing and Organizing Tasks Effectively to Get You Back on the Road to Success

Are you or your team feeling frustrated because of an overwhelming amount of things to do? It’s probably time to reset your priorities. You may say “but everything is a priority!”. This is the main problem. When you feel like everything is a priority, you try multi-tasking and end up spreading yourself out so thin that nothing gets done, or at least not done properly. If you don’t have time to take a break because you’re so busy, you should really do this. Continue Reading >

Balancing Your Health and a Busy Work Life

We all know that we should be living a healthy and active lifestyle, but it’s easy to dismiss the idea with the fact that running a business takes up most, if not all, of your time. Running a business can be so overwhelming that feels like there are never enough hours in a day. When this is the case, your health can often be left as the last thing on your priority list.
work health balance

While you may be busy enough as it is, the truth is that if you put more importance on your health, your business life will actually benefit. The two main parts of living a healthy lifestyle is eating healthy and exercising. Some of the benefits of eating healthy and benefits of being active include: Continue Reading >

AJ’s Top 5 Tips for Entrepreneurs

In a recent post, we discussed Everything You Need for a Successful Startup. After starting up your business, there is the other challenge of continuing to run that business. When you’re starting up a business you are highly motivated and excited about your new endeavour. So what happens after it’s off the ground? How do you keep that excitement alive day in and day out? We went to our CEO, AJ, to find out the answer. Given AJ’s experience as an entrepreneur who works closely with other small business owners, we asked him his Top 5 Tips for Entrepreneurs. Continue Reading >

Tips For Collaboration in the Workplace

Encouraging a collaborative workplace helps your business leverage the resources you have. Those resources are your employees. When you and your team collaborate effectively, you are able to be productive and stay motivated. Collaboration helps people feel like they are part of a team and play an important role in the success of the company, while feeling supported by the other team members. Charles Darwin once said “It is the long history of humankind (and animal kind, too) those who learn to collaborate and improvise most effectively have prevailed.” As a team, people have the ability to accomplish more because they are able to leverage multiple strengths and be supported by a strong system. Successful collaboration can be broken down into 5 stages: Continue Reading >

Everything You Need For a Successful Startup

Thinking of starting up a business? Maybe you have a great idea for a product or are just itching to be your own boss. Being an entrepreneur can look pretty attractive and have a lot of nice perks, especially as seen in movies like Wolf of Wall Street. But before you go spending your last pennies on rent for a garage to start up the next Stratton Oakmont, consider the key factors for ensuring a successful start up. Continue Reading >

How to Organize Your Business: 5 Lies to Stop Telling Yourself

There are lies that exist that many managers tell themselves so frequently that they start to believe them. These lies are formulated as a defence mechanism in order to pass responsibility from themselves onto other employees or even worse, to unavoidable circumstances.  By believing these lies, managers feel that they are doing an adequate job and that any problems that arise are due to employee incompetence or forces of nature that are out of their control.  While freak accidents and employee mistakes do happen, the majority of instances can be avoided through properly organizing your business. Continue Reading >