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What we love about Marketcircle

This Valentine’s Day, spread the love to more than just your valentine.
Extend the love to your friends and “family” at work too!
We love working at Marketcircle, so this year we created a Valentine that expressed why we love it here so much!

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Daylite Training Class in London- Rescheduled

Due to a tube strike in London, our partners at JG Consulting will be moving their Daylite training class to February 26th.

The one-day training course is aimed at people that have little or no Daylite experience.

Course outline includes:

  • Daylite Concepts
  • Scheduling Appointments
  • Managing Opportunities
  • Smartlists & Filtering
  • Merging Documents and much more!

The course will be held at The Hubworking Centre in Grosvenor Gardens, London SW1.

For more information about these courses or how to register, visit JG Consulting’s website.

Knowing when to use CardDAV and CalDAV

Once you have imported your contacts and calendars into Daylite, the main benefit of using CardDav and CalDAV is to extend the functionality. By setting up shared contacts using CardDAV, or shared calendars using CalDAV, you are able to share information back and forth. You can access your contacts and appointments in Daylite right on your iPhone or iPad in the Contacts and Calendar apps, as well as the reverse, access your contacts and appointments added to your iPhone or iPad in Daylite. However, setting up shared contacts and calendar is not necessary if you are always adding contacts and appointments directly into Daylite on your Mac, iPhone or iPad. Here are some reasons why you may want to setup contact and calendar sharing.

Scanning business cards into Daylite

When you set up shared contacts, you’re able to automatically have a list of contacts from Daylite on your iPhone or iPad. This is great for if you’re using a business card scanning app and want to automatically go from business card to having that contact in Daylite. If you already have shared contacts set up and have set the default of your address book to Daylite, then you can scan the business card, which adds the contact to the default group in your address book, and the information is automatically sent to the Daylite Server Admin application. These can be shared as a Smart List in Daylite so you can easily find who has recently been added to your Daylite database. From there you’re able to link any notes, e-mails, tasks, appointments or more to the contact. Thus, giving you a rich history with this contact. This workflow of linking all your appointments, notes, e-mails, etc. to your contacts allows you to go from having a simple name and contact info of a person or company to gaining a full story with a person.

Appointments from Fantastical to Daylite

A similar workflow of sharing information can be established using CalDAV. With the use of add-ons that support CalDAV, like Fantastical , when you add an event/meeting to your iPhone or iPad, the appointment is sent to the Daylite Server Admin. Fantastical allows you the flexibility of ‘speaking’ in your own language to add an appointment, by setting Daylite as the default Calendar, new appointments can be added into Daylite using Fantastical. Again, this gives you the functionality of linking people, notes or e-mails to your appointments so you can store and access all this information using Daylite on your Mac, iPhone or iPad.

Read this for more info about Autodetection on the Mac.

Billings Pro makes Top 50 Business Apps!

We’re thrilled to see that Billings Pro ranked #12 on iBusiness Magazine‘s Top 50 Business Apps list!


No internet connection? No problem!

Hopefully you don’t experience this often…but I’d be willing to bet that about everyone has had to deal with their internet being down or a lost connection. You don’t really realize how dependent you are on something until it’s no longer there. The internet being a prime example. Technology continues to take leaps in advancing, but what happens when the main thread that holds it all together untangles? I’ll give you a little insight. You go slightly insane. Perhaps throw some things, yell a few words out that you hope your children won’t repeat. You get downright mad. Why? Because we’re so reliant on it. Things like checking your e-mail or being able to look up something in Google suddenly becomes impossible and you develop a whole new appreciation for everything that can be done via the web.


What you can still accomplish

It’s times like these…(we learn to love again) and start looking around blankly trying to think of things that we actually CAN do without the internet. We can still interact with other coworkers (that meeting you weren’t looking forward to may still happen). We can still use the phones, and we can still use native apps like Daylite and Billings Pro! Being able to work offline with Daylite and Billings Pro is a huge lifesaver when you don’t have an internet connection. You may not be able to check your e-mail but you can still review past e-mails stored in Daylite Mail Assistant before calling a client. While working on a project for a client you can still track your time or get admin work done like adding expenses in Billings Pro. This is all possible because both Billings Pro and Daylite store your information locally on your Mac.

Fear not my friends!

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. When life takes away your internet (hopefully only temporarily), continue to get work done with native mac apps. Maybe you’ll be inspired to take some time and have a closer look through your “Not Done” tasks in Daylite and actually get started on a few of those. If you follow David Allen’s ‘Getting Things Done’ methodology, you may have adopted the habit of categorizing your tasks as “@home”. “@phone”, “@offline”, etc. This way you can prioritize what you are able to accomplish in the present moment given your current resources. Don’t have a Wifi connection but your phone is still working? Sift through your “@phone” tasks and fire through all those people you’ve put off calling.

We may live in a time where we’re heavily dependent on the internet, but there are still many things that can and need to be done offline.

Check out this cool video that our partners at iOSXpert made that explain how Daylite works offline.


Daylite Training Classes in London

Our partners at JG Consulting will be leading public Daylite training classes in central London.
These one-day training courses are aimed at people that have little or no Daylite experience.daylite-training-jgconsulting

Course outline includes:

  • Daylite Concepts
  • Scheduling Appointments
  • Managing Opportunities
  • Smartlists & Filtering
  • Merging Documents and much more!

The course will be held at The Hubworking Centre in Grosvenor Gardens, London SW1.

Course dates:

  • 5th February, 2014
  • 11th June 2014

For more information about these courses or how to register, visit JG Consulting’s website.


Importance of a professional image

first-impression-helloMaking a good first impression can play a big role in bringing in new business. Would you rather trust doing business with someone who is well dressed and looks well put together, or someone who looks like they got dressed in the dark and didn’t even bother to brush their hair in the morning? When you look professional and organized, people assume you ARE professional and organized. When you meet a new client, their impression of you will play a factor in their initial trust and motivation to do business with you. I’m sure many of us remember our parents harping on us before going to our first job interview. Make sure you clean your shoes, dress professional, shake their hand, smile, make eye contact! All these things are how people immediately asses you whether it is done subconsciously or intentionally.

This idea of making a good first visual impression is more than just your physical appearance. You make choices based on visual appearances daily without even noticing it. What product you choose can be swayed by the type of packaging that you find more visually appealing. Even the websites you visit can sway you into purchasing by their visual appearance. When you visit a company’s website, you’re immediately creating an image in your mind about the company based on the visuals you see on their website. Does it appear cluttered and overwhelming with colour? Or does it look clean, organized, consistent and professional? Every visual thing you look at creates an impression.

When starting business with new clients or potential clients, your invoicing and/or estimates also have a visual impression. Many customers use Billings Pro not only for its ease of use, but also because the invoices are visually pleasing and reflect their professionalism. They can even customize their invoices to reinforce their own design and brand. Visual representation is key for defining and maintaining your business’s identity. This is especially true for small businesses that are offering a creative or visual service. For Creative Director of Apexx Global, Kayla Nezon, sending an aesthetically pleasing quote or invoice to a client is important in maintaining her professionalism.

“As a graphic designer, the aesthetic appearance of an invoice is important in order to make a good impression with clients.”


Billings Pro allows you to establish a professional impression with your clients when you send them an estimate or an invoice. In additional to sending an invoice that looks as professional as you, Billings Pro helps to keep your accounts organized.


Industry Pack for Consulting is here

We’re happy to announce our newest Industry Pack we’ve added to the collection- Consulting! While consulting covers a broad range of services, the main goal is the same…helping clients. We’ve worked with consultants in numerous fields to put together this Industry Pack. Included in the Industry Pack is a file that customizes your Daylite preferences such as categories and pipeline stages specific to consultants.


We’ve also included forms that you can use for initial client meetings and for evaluating completed client projects. The Industry Pack for Consulting contains two pipelines. A consulting pipeline geared to help guide the process of obtaining new business and a pipeline for tracking the progress of client projects.


In addition the downloadable file, we’ve created a workflow page where consultants can learn an effective flow and use of Daylite’s features.

Visit our Download Instructions Page to download the Consulting Pack and read these workflow instructions to learn how to implement each Daylite feature.

We are continuing to work on new Industry Packs so stay tuned for more! If you’re interested in helping us to create an Industry Pack for your industry please e-mail us at


The benefits of going paperless

With technology advancing and a generation with a hunger for speed and convenience, it’s becoming more and more necessary for businesses to migrate to a paperless environment. While it’s true that some physical documents are mandatory in certain business, the goal to decrease paper and waste is becoming more important for companies. This is becoming more attainable with the help of apps like Daylite for managing your business and Billings Pro to manage your invoices. By having a paperless business, you’re able to limit the cost spent on printing, save time searching for things, and take a step towards improving the environment.


Basic printers today are becoming more and more affordable, but the cost of printing materials is still an added cost to your business. Eliminating or reducing expenses is just plain common sense. By having everything you need for your business including contact information, contracts, e-mail correspondence, invoices, and other documents in one application, you’re able to eliminate the need for printing. This saves you money. It also saves you a lot of space. I mean think about it… would you rather have a file cabinet or a massage chair in your office because your files are all electronically stored on your Mac? I think the answer is obvious.

In addition to saving money by being paperless, think of all the time you’ll save by not having to file away documents or spend time looking for them. And let’s be honest, we’re only human, we make mistakes like filing paperwork which adds to the time spent searching. In Daylite, you can find a copy of an e-mail, a form, or a document in seconds with the global search key. You just type in what you’re looking for and Daylite finds it for you. Everything is organized in one easy to find place. Our customer Jeff Rosengarden from erpDevelopers described this as “having a room full of papers and saying ‘Document ABC stand up!’ ” With Billings Pro, looking for an invoice or an estimate is just as easy and is much more time efficient than looking through files for outstanding invoices.


enviro-paperless-billingOn top of saving your business time and money and even making life less stressful for yourself, you can trust that by using Daylite and/or Billings Pro, you’re making a positive difference on the environment. One of our Daylite customers had this written below her signature, “Studies prove that trees live longer when you don’t chop them down. Please don’t print this e-mail unless you need to.” Now I don’t know the exact number of trees that are cut down each year that end up becoming printed e-mails, but I think it’s safe to say that the less paper you print, the more trees you’re saving.

So whether you’re trying to save a buck here or there, or just trying to make your assistant’s life easier by not having to archive stacks of paperwork, it’s clear that being paperless is better. Unless you really get a kick out of sifting through files beyond files of paperwork for a misplaced document, you will enjoy saving yourself time, money, and headaches by using Daylite and Billings Pro.