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6 Signs You Need To Hire Someone For Your Small Business

Having to turn down business because you can’t manage the work load? For some entrepreneurs and small business owners, your first thought may be that you need to learn better time management skills. But if you’ve researched and adopted all the latest tips and tricks from productivity gurus and you’re still not able to keep up, the problem may be your team size. Not sure if you’re ready to hire someone? We asked our CEO, AJ, what the tell-tale signs were for him that he needed to hire someone for his small business. Continue Reading >

How To Overcome The Fear of Hiring People For Your Small Business

The growth phase of a small business can be both exciting and scary as hell. It’s exciting because business is booming. You have a steady list of clients and a lot of work on your plate. This is great! Except that you’re so busy you’re having to turn down new work and clients. You’re up to your ears in so much work that you’re having to turn down new business and it leaves a deep burn in your soul to have to say no to business that you really want to engage in. You’re not able to do it all by yourself or with the current team you have. Sure, you could take on more business if you had more help. It seems logical to grow your team so you can grow your business. But then it happens. You get “The Fear”… Continue Reading >

5 Ways to Increase Customers For Your Small Business


In a perfect world, the minute you open the doors to your business, customers come flooding in. The phone rings off the hook with clients in need of your products or services…in a perfect world. Since we don’t live in a fairytale, increasing customers requires work. You need to be actively doing something to increase customers. You need to be promoting your business, providing top quality customer service so people recommend you to all their friends, and being creative about getting your business out there while making it stand out against competitors. Anyone that runs a business knows that you can’t just sit around twiddling your thumbs, hoping that clients will just come to you. Running your business is a fine balance of seeking new clients, while managing the work load of your existing customer base. Continue Reading >

How to overcome a case of “The Mondays”

Monday morning got you feeling a little unmotivated? We can’t all be motivation super heroes zipping around with our productivity levels up to eleven. We’re human and sometimes we need a bit more time to reset and recharge. It just so happens that this commonly happens on a Monday morning. If the Monday morning cup of coffee doesn’t do the trick, here’s a few tips to get you back into the zone and ready to work. Continue Reading >

Expert Interview: How Growing Businesses Can Scale Customer Relationships

Our Education & Outreach Manager, Amin Rahmani, was recently a guest on the TechnologyAdvice Expert Interview Series to share his insight on data sharing. The TA Expert Interview Series is a podcast hosted by Clark Buckner that explores a variety of business and technology landscapes through conversations with industry leaders.

During the interview, Clark and Amin discuss data sharing and improving business relationships. Continue Reading >

Getting Things Done with Daylite

Getting Things Done (GTD) is a productivity method developed by David Allen that is designed to help you get organized so you can be more productive. It’s a system with the end goal to free your mind of unnecessary distractions so you can use it to focus on the task at hand. One of the many reasons people love using Daylite is because it supports the GTD system. Daylite was designed with the same principles in mind as GTD and that is to get everything out of your head and into a system that organizes your thoughts and goals so you can be present and focus your attention on the current moment. This allows you to be more productive with your time. Continue Reading >

Announcing Marketcircle’s Fitness Challenge Winner

Marketcircle’s second Fitness Challenge is complete and the results are in. We extended the length of this challenge to span across 5 months and switched up the rules this time around. The focus of this challenge was to help get each team member pumped about reaching their own goals. Rather than comparing measurements, weight, or strength, we gave each contestant the responsibility to track their own progress. We began the challenge by each writing down 2 goals we wanted to accomplish each week, 2 goals we wanted to accomplish by January, and 2 goals we wanted to accomplish by the end of the challenge. Continue Reading >

Are You Missing Important Info For Your Contacts?

CRMs are great when you use them correctly. They work best when you can use the information you capture. The truth is, sometimes we forget to capture all the right information. Whether it’s because we’re human and we get distracted, or we’re just not disciplined, it occasionally happens that you miss out on important information. You get distracted after a phone call and forget to write down something important from that conversation with a client. Or you leave a client meeting and forget to enter in their phone number.

The information you use from your CRM is only as good as the information you capture. If you’re not capturing important client information, you’re throwing away opportunities to leverage that information. This is why it’s so critical to make sure you’re entering all the right information about your clients in your CRM so you can use it later. Continue Reading >

CRM – What Makes Daylite Different?

CRM (customer relationship management) is a system for managing interactions with current and future customers. The goal is to improve relationships and customer service. The system involves using technology to automate processes, analyze data, and implement strategies that maximize growth with each customer.

Aside from being built specifically for the Mac, there are four key features that separate Daylite from other CRMs. Continue Reading >

How to Avoid Losing Context of Your Emails

Getting an overload of emails is bad enough. Getting an email and trying to remember the context of it is even more of a time waster. People send emails all the time that assume you know what they are talking about.

“Can you send me over some of those ideas we discussed in the meeting last week?

You think to yourself “Hmmm what did we discuss exactly?” or “We had a meeting last week?” You then waste time searching through past emails in your sent box or look through notes you may have written down on a piece of paper, wherever that is. Rather than wracking your brain trying to remember, try using Daylite along with some helpful workflows to help jog your memory. Continue Reading >