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How to Avoid Losing Context of Your Emails

Getting an overload of emails is bad enough. Getting an email and trying to remember the context of it is even more of a time waster. People send emails all the time that assume you know what they are talking about.

“Can you send me over some of those ideas we discussed in the meeting last week?

You think to yourself “Hmmm what did we discuss exactly?” or “We had a meeting last week?” You then waste time searching through past emails in your sent box or look through notes you may have written down on a piece of paper, wherever that is. Rather than wracking your brain trying to remember, try using Daylite along with some helpful workflows to help jog your memory. Continue Reading >

Still Invoicing Manually? There’s an App for That

Think back to when you first had your idea to start your business. Were you excited about getting new clients? Motivated to show the world your talents and ideas? Inspired to go out and  change the world?

These are exactly the thoughts you should be having when you start a business. You should be focussed on the fun and exciting new opportunities that come with being your own boss. Chances are, what wasn’t on your mind was how you’re going to invoice clients and manage payments. Let’s just take a shot in the dark and assume that invoicing isn’t most people’s favourite job. It’s probably not even something you considered at all when starting your business. Regardless, it’s something that needs to be done if you want to get paid, and if done manually, can take up a lot of your day. Continue Reading >

New Years Resolutions for Small Business

As 2014 comes to an end, celebrate by preparing for the New Year. Take this opportunity to set new goals that will excite and challenge you as you move your business forward. Setting goals is a fun time to get ramped up about taking your business to the next level. Review what has worked out well for your business, and throw out anything that has held you back. You’re worth too much to be bogged down by things that don’t work and that don’t help you progress. Human beings and businesses need to grow. Continue Reading >

Happy Holidays!

From everyone here at Marketcircle, have a happy holiday with your family and loves ones.

iOSXpert Christmas Sale

Our friends at iOSXpert are celebrating this holiday season with a Christmas sale. Now until January 6th you can get a 25% discount on all single payment purchases or a 2 month free subscription of Daylite plug-ins from iOSXpert.

Visit iOSXpert’s website for more information about their Daylite plug-ins . Use the promo code IOSXMASCODE to get the Christmas sale discount when you make a purchase.

christmas sale iosxpert

A Christmas Story, Told by Marketcircle

One day Santa noticed that he was getting less and less handwritten letters from children, and instead was receiving thousands of emails. His inbox was overloading with emails from kids about how they wanted new bikes, Xboxes, and iPads. He was wasting so much paper and ink printing out each email and he was being buried by his inbox.

Christmas Story 1


Finally, Santa had enough and began searching for a solution to manage his emails. After doing some research and reading online reviews, Santa tried using Daylite. He realized that Daylite solved his inbox problem, as well as helped him delegate tasks to his elves, and allowed him to prioritize his time with Mrs. Claus. Continue Reading >

Proactive Vs Reactive Email Management

Feel like you’re always playing catch-up with your email?

Try becoming more proactive about managing your inbox, rather than constantly reacting and wasting time. To avoid getting stuck in your inbox, you will require a bit of planning, discipline, and some help from Daylite Mail Assistant.

Continue Reading >

Achieving Inbox Zero with Daylite

Nobody likes that daunting feeling you get when you open your inbox only to see a flood of emails at the start of your day. Not the best way to kick off a morning, is it? Doing a bulk delete would be nice, but ineffective. Productivity guru, Merlin Mann, also experienced this feeling so he developed a solution- Inbox Zero. Daylite Mail Assistant helps you achieve Inbox Zero.

What is inbox zero?

Inbox Zero is a system created by Marlin Mann to solve the problem of getting stuck in your inbox. This system helps with email management by allowing you to efficiently clear your inbox. Mann explains in a  video in July of 2007 that the most valuable and irreplaceable resources a person has are their time and attention. When these two things are focussed on your inbox, your work suffers and productivity decreases. Instead, he explains that you should “process” your emails quickly by putting little focus on the emails and just attention on the action required of them, so you can power through your emails and get on with your day. This way you can move through your inbox quickly, removing the clutter from your inbox that drives you crazy. Inbox Zero is based on the idea that every email requires one of 5 actions: Continue Reading >

Benefits of Using a Mobile CRM

We live in the age of information. Answers to questions we have are accessible everywhere and that’s the way we not only like it, but also expect it. We want to be able to find what we need, when we need it. The same goes for business information. What good is data stored on your laptop at home when you’re out of the office? When you’re running a business, time is money so if you can’t respond fast, you’re missing out on a piece of the pie.

Having access to your information at your fingertips allows you to be mobile while you work, no matter where that is. You can enter in new data as well as access that data at anytime, anywhere. Whether you’re in a meeting with a client, on the road, or away on a business trip, your information is always with you. This now opens the door for you to use your time away from the office to your advantage. Continue Reading >

How to Organize & Prioritize Your Team’s Tasks

Prioritizing and Organizing Tasks Effectively to Get You Back on the Road to Success

Are you or your team feeling frustrated because of an overwhelming amount of things to do? It’s probably time to reset your priorities. You may say “but everything is a priority!”. This is the main problem. When you feel like everything is a priority, you try multi-tasking and end up spreading yourself out so thin that nothing gets done, or at least not done properly. If you don’t have time to take a break because you’re so busy, you should really do this. Continue Reading >