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Daylite – The Little CRM That Could

Thought I’d share a a very well written review of Daylite by Elaine Montoya.

Elaine is the CEO of, “the ‘hulu’ for motion graphics, vfx, and animation”, and rediscovered Daylite after deciding to leave SugarCRM in search of “a CRM that really was a good fit”.

Here’s a small excerpt from the lengthy review:

Daylite and the Daylite ecosphere – including Daylite Touch for the iPad, and Daylite Touch for the iPhone – provide an extremely powerful, and highly customizable CRM solution that just works.

Mac.AppStorm interviews Marketcircle CEO

Check out the awesome interview Mac.AppStorm did with our CEO, Alykhan Jetha.

World Backup Day

I’m a day late in posting this – but better late than never.

The Perfect Mac Setup for Freelancers

An older entry on Mac.AppStorm, but still very relevant for Mac using freelancers.

Billings 3 screencast & review (in Spanish)

A great screencast and review of Billings 3 done by Ofertas, a website for Mac users with content primarily in Spanish (as is this screencast).

MacAngel Academy: a self-guided learning environment for small businesses

Marni Melrose launched the MacAngel Academy yesterday to help guide small to success.

The self-guided training covers Daylite, Billings, and Billings Pro, as well as other productivity concepts.

It is a self-guided learning environment for small to medium sized businesses that use Macs. Lessons are not only on Marketcircle’s products, Daylite, Billings & Billings Pro, but also productivity, small business infrastructure, time management and conscious business building. You will learn how to fully implement the Getting Things Done, GTD philosophy into Daylite. Long term it won’t only be Marni, “The MacAngel” providing the content, but others who can help you too.

Billings Pro: keeping your finances in sync

Gears Of Biz reviews Billings Pro.

“Overall I would recommend Billings Pro to anyone who has to worry about tracking time for one or multiple employees. The options and flexibility that Billings Pro offers is by far some of the best in any tracking software that I have seen.”

Billings 3: Perfect for Photographers

Seven by Five reviewed Billings 3 from a photographer’s perspective.

“I recently read that only 30% of a professional photographer’s time is actually spent taking photos the other 70% is spent marketing and managing their business. If you find you are wasting time trying creating invoices, tracking payments or even simply keeping track of what you charge for each item then Billings is an essential tool for every Mac owning photographer.”

“From professional invoicing designs through to an intuitive workflow Billings has definitely made my life easier, the ability to set up retainers and even recurring invoices means you never forget an invoice again.”