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Our Company / March 2, 2020 / Kristie

We’re excited to announce that we’ve launched our very own YouTube channel! We’ll be posting a new video every week with tips and best practices for small business.

YouTube small business tips

Our motivation behind it

For years we kept hearing from customers that you started your small business because you’re passionate about something and really good at it, too. But what you often struggle with is running a business and wearing all the different hats you have to put on as a business owner.

You started your own business because you love photography, you love helping people plan for retirement, or you love helping people find their dream home. But what you don’t have a whole lot of experience in is running a business. Nobody taught you at Design school, Law school, or while training to get your Real Estate license how to actually run a small business. Things like marketing, sales, operations, hiring – all these things are stuff you’ve had to learn as you go.

So we decided to launch our own YouTube channel to share the lessons and best practices we’ve learned on building a thriving small business. We’ve learned so many important lessons that have helped us transform our business through the amazing coaches, consultants, and mentors we’ve worked with. On top of that, we’ve attended conferences, workshops, and read highly-recommended books that have helped us continuously improve. We’ve experimented, failed, learned, and grown so we want to share these lessons with you to help take your small business to the next level!

Stay updated on new videos

Check out our first video about Building Your Company Culture and subscribe to our DayliteApp YouTube Channel. Be sure to hit the notification bell so you get notified every time we post a new video!  

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