Cloud for Daylite Update

Our Company / December 21, 2012 / Alykhan Jetha

As you know, we are really excited about our upcoming cloud offering for Daylite. The same beautiful, native application without the worries of networking or a server, giving you the best of both worlds. We’ve been working hard at it but we’re not happy with the performance as of yet.

We’ve learnt a lot about cloud infrastructure this past year and the challenges it poses. We are applying those lessons in the app, the backend infrastructure (you won’t notice most of these) and operationally. For example, our response times to Billings Pro Cloud issues have been under an average of 10 minutes during business hours and the frequency of issues has significantly dropped with Billings Pro 1.6 (which unfortunately has not been approved for the Mac App Store yet, but is available on our site).

We’ll post another status update towards the end of the first quarter 2013.

Many people have asked if they will be able to migrate from self serve to cloud when it becomes available. The answer is a definite yes, we will provide a migration to cloud. The details of the migration will be released as the time gets closer. We’ll also apply a loyalty break for existing customers that opt to migrate to the cloud.

We are really excited about this and want to get it out asap, but we can’t rush it too much.

Until next time…

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