Coming Soon: A Better Way to Schedule Meetings

Product Updates / June 25, 2024 / Daylite Team

Every professional spends large chunks of their day in meetings, whether it’s for new sales opportunities or pushing current projects forward. And more often than not, those meetings are with people who are not a Daylite user in your organization.

That’s why in the coming weeks we are rolling out big improvements to how you send appointment invitations and receive responses.

How we’re making invitations more inviting

In response to customer feedback, we’re totally recreating from the ground up the experience of scheduling appointments with external attendees, so it’s even easier to build a complete history of your meetings with them.

If you’re inviting other Daylite users, there’s no change: they still receive a push notification inside Daylite and the meeting appears in their calendar, without any email sent.

Where we’re making things better is when you’re sending an invitation via email to someone who is not a Daylite user.

Invitations managed auto-magically 🪄

The most significant advancement is this: the Daylite Cloud will do all the heavy lifting of sending invites and receiving replies. What this means to you is it works no matter what email client you use, and replies get updated in Daylite automatically, even while you sleep.

Push notifications will keep you up to date about replies and even if there is an error that needs your attention. All of this will give you confidence that meetings are properly scheduled and everyone has the correct details without you taking extra steps.

All of these features make it even easier to use Daylite to schedule appointments and record them with the relevant Daylite Contact, Opportunity and Project.

An early look at new scheduling features

We are developing complete step-by-step guides with screenshots of the new meeting invitation experience, but for now, here’s a sneak peek at the highlights:

✅ Works with all popular email services, including Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Exchange.

✅ Use any email app — the server manages all sending and receiving invitation messages.

✅ Updates occur regardless of whether you’re using Daylite or not, even if your Mac is asleep or off.

✅ Receive push notifications when an invitee replies, or if a delivery error occurs.

✅ New UI displays more information about the invitations you’ve sent and any replies.

✅ Send invitation emails with a new modern look, plus customization options to add your personal touch.

Committed to improving your daily work

We’re excited for you to get your hands on these new features soon and to hear what you think. Your feedback is absolutely vital to how we prioritize all the improvements we’re making. Watch for more updates!

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