Command-Control-Power Podcast Interview with Our CEO Alykhan Jetha

Our Company / May 4, 2021 / Tucky Wong

Last week our CEO, Alykhan Jetha (AJ), was interviewed by hosts and Daylite customers Jerry Zigmont of MacWorks and Sam Valencia of HCS Technology Group on the Command-Control-Power Podcast. They talk about the story behind Daylite and how it has transformed itself into the market leader for CRM on the Mac.

Headshot of our CEO Alykhan Jetha smiling, wearing a grey button-up.

During the interview, AJ shares the story of how Daylite came to be and he also shares a pivotal moment in the company’s history that starts with a trip to Macworld and a bump in with an Apple employee. He further talks about why he decided to build Daylite exclusively for the Apple platform. In addition, hosts Jerry and Sam show how impressed they are with Daylite and share their favourite aspects of Daylite and how it helps them run their businesses.

Listen to the full episode 409: Interview with Marketcircle CEO, Alykhan Jetha – Makers Of Daylite on Command Control Power Podcast – Apple Tech Support & Business Talk.

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