Communication- An Essential Component In The Workplace That Is Often Overlooked

Scaling / June 7, 2013 / Kristie

We hear people say it all the time (whether it is referring to relationships with a spouse or friend, or whether it is referring to a work relationship) the key to building strong relationships is the big C (no, not C for cookie), COMMUNICATION.

We communicate with people everyday, but with the increased use of technology and a decrease in face-to-face interaction, we have to ask ourselves honestly, do we really know how to communicate effectively?

Keeping your contacts organized with Daylite can make it easier to track and continue communication between you and others, whether that be clients, coworkers or partners. Keeping in touch with people on a regular basis is important when establishing and maintaining relationships. With Daylite Mail Assistant you can essentially ‘paper clip’ your contacts together, and link all your e-mail correspondence so you can easily get an up to date look at your contact history. I’m sure it has happened to all of us in the middle of a busy day when we have a billion things on our mind and then… we get a call from someone and think…’Great! Thanks for getting back to me…why did I call you again??”  With a few clicks, you can find that out with the help of Daylite. Check out this tutorial video for a more comprehensive understanding for how Daylite Mail Assistant can help you.

An interesting article from titled ‘Why Can’t We(bbies) Be Friends?’ by Rick Sloboda gives some insight into team effectiveness, and the key role of communication.

Sloboda explains how proper communication can help you:

  • Increase productivity
  • Avoid and solve problems
  • Enhance working relationships
  • Promote personal satisfaction
  • Complete projects on time and on budget
  • Create better results and happier clients

Today’s generation is so stuck on texting, e-mailing, tweeting, posting, blogging, etc that it can be easy to forget what the main purpose of communication is….and that is to LISTEN.

Too often we think we are communicating with people, when really we are just waiting for our time to add our two cents (or in some people’s case, their whole buck).

Sloboda quotes Health Resource Network’s Dr Morton Orman on how this mix up of hearing without listening happens:

‘Much of the time when people are speaking to us, our heads become filled with our own personal thoughts and agendas… [we’re] thinking how we’re going to respond. But to listen well, you must put these thoughts aside and “be with” the other person. You’ve got to fully attend to their words and inner emotions. You’ve got to actively work to “put yourself in their shoes” and listen to them speak. And you’ve got to keep your mind open to discover the value or merit in whatever the other person says.’

Communication is essential in everyday life, and can be the saving grace when stress levels are running high in a work environment. Making sure that the lines of communication are open and flowing freely can help keep things running smoothly and ensure that your company runs as an effective unit and everyone feels like an important part of the team 🙂

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