CRM – What Makes Daylite Different?

Quick Tips / February 2, 2015 / Kristie

CRM (customer relationship management) is a system for managing interactions with current and future customers. The goal is to improve relationships and customer service. The system involves using technology to automate processes, analyze data, and implement strategies that maximize growth with each customer.

Aside from being built specifically for the Mac, there are four key features that separate Daylite from other CRMs.


Productivity Focussed

Daylite was built specifically to increase productivity. Unlike most CRMs that are a pain to use because they are clunky and require a lot of data entry, Daylite actually speeds up your workflow. The focus of each Daylite feature is to maximize efficiency so that your small businesses can grow. One important way that Daylite improves productivity is by taking multiple forms of communication with customers and organizing it into one place. This saves you time because rather than searching through multiple places to find information from an email, a note from a phone call, or details from a meeting – everything is in one place. The result? You can respond to more customers sooner.

Linking Abilities

The way that Daylite keeps all your contact information in one place is by establishing links between the people, businesses, things, and objectives in your business. Time is often wasted trying to remember the connections between everything in your business. What note was this meeting related to? What project was this email related to? What company is this personal related to and what project are they involved in? These questions create confusion, frustration, and waste time.

Daylite solves this problem by forming links between relevant objects so all the moving pieces in your business are organized and connected in a way that makes sense to you. Your notes can be linked to the call and the appropriate contact to give you context. Your tasks can be linked to projects you’re working on so you have all the details you need to complete the task. Your appointments can be linked to the appropriate contact so you can refresh your memory before a meeting. You can even form links between contacts and companies to keep track of relationships between contacts such as referrals, spouses, and roles a person plays in a company or even within a specific opportunity. These connections give you a better picture of who your customers are, which means you can serve them better. In Mark McClung’s words, “Daylite makes you look like a rockstar when it comes to remembering things!” Everyone loves when you remember the little details because it makes them feel important and reminds them that you appreciate their business. It’s that personal touch that counts.

Watch this video to see how links in Daylite establish roles and relationships between contacts.

Native Application (Not a Web App)

Unlike many CRMs that are web-based, Daylite stores a local copy of your data right on your Mac. This means you have access to your information even when you don’t have an internet connection. Daylite then syncs with all your your iPhones, iPads, and other Macs, so your information is with you wherever you go. This means you can capture customer information at anytime without having to double enter it into your database. You can work anytime, anywhere -whether that’s on a plane, train, subway, boat, space ship, or even on the beach. By being able to capture information on the spot, you make sure your important customer information doesn’t get lost. The more information you have about your customers, the better you can help them.

To learn more about the differences between web and native applications, as well as the benefits of using a native application for your business, read our blog post Web Apps vs Native Apps. 

Apple Mail Integration

For most businesses, the majority of communication with customers happens through email. To enhance the way you manage emails, Daylite integrates with Apple Mail like no other CRM. Daylite Mail Assistant literally puts Daylite right beside your Apple Mail window. This allows you to create objects in Daylite (contacts, appointments, tasks, opportunities, etc.) right from an email, without leaving Mail. You can schedule an appointment right form an email, or even edit a contact record in Daylite all within Apple Mail. You can also link emails to items in Daylite, so you can easily refer back to an email while working in Daylite without having to dig through your inbox. This also relates to the idea of Daylite being built around productivity. The main focus of this feature is to allow you to save time and manage your inbox more efficiently. The more efficiently you manage emails, the more customers you can respond do to. Another benefit is that you have every email related to a client in one place so you can pick up where you left off with them right away.

By using a small business CRM that allows you to work efficiently, keep track of all the little details, work from anywhere, and process emails faster, you can get more done in each day. This allows you to manage your clients better as well as manage more at a time. Building better relationships and more of them means your business keeps growing.

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