Customizing your contextual menu

Quick Tips / October 16, 2013 / Kristie

One more way that Daylite helps you save time is by allowing you to customize your contextual menu. Daylite is the project management software that allows you to save time with simple customizations. When you click on a person or a project, your most used action may be different from someone else’s in your office and therefore different than the default setting. Let’s say that for your specific workflow, when you click on a person the most common action you want to do is create a new project for that contact. Rather than having to click ‘File’ ‘New’ and then select ‘New Project’, you can create a faster way to start that project by adding ‘New Project’ to your contextual menu that applies to a contact. This means that when you select a contact and right click, one of your options is create ‘New Project’. It’s very simple and may only save an extra 2 seconds, but it helps your workflow run smoother. When these customizable options are available, why wouldn’t you use them to your advantage?!

Here are the steps to customize your contextual menu:

First click Daylite from your menu bar and select ‘Preferences’. In the ‘Personal’ row, click ‘Contextual Menu’. Select if you’d like to adjust the contextual menu (fly out menu) for a person, project, task, etc. On the left hand side you will have the items listed that are possible actions to add to your contextual menu. To add these, simply double click or drag them over to the box on the right. In this case, we’re wanting to make ‘New Project’ an action on the fly out menu when you click on a contact. To do this just click the ‘Person’ tab, scroll down to ‘New Project’ and drag it over to the box.


Now when you have a contact selected and want to quickly create a new project from this contact, all you have to do is right click and select ‘New Project’ from the fly out menu. It’s just another little thing that will help your process flow quicker and smoother in a way that suits you best!

Another way that can be helpful is to add ‘Add Keyword’ to your contextual menu to a Person or a Project so that you don’t have to take the extra steps of editing the Person or Project.

The contextual menu also applies to linked items. By adding ‘Write E-mail’ to my Contact, when I open a project or a company that has a linked contact I can right click and have the option to send that person an e-mail right away.


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