Dark Mode for Daylite on macOS is Here

Product Updates / November 11, 2020 / Kristie

We’re excited to announce that Daylite now supports Dark Mode on macOS!

Whether you’re burning the midnight oil or you’re a night owl that operates best in the evening or late hours of the night, you can enjoy the sleeker look of Daylite on your Mac. Reduce eye fatigue in low light environments and avoid the blinding light of a screen.

How to enable Dark Mode

To turn on Dark Mode, open to your System Preferences on your Mac and select General. Next to Appearance at the top, click to select Dark. You can also customize your accent colour and highlight colour here.

13 Responses to “Dark Mode for Daylite on macOS is Here”

  1. How can I disable Dark Mode in Daylite and still keep Dark Mode on in my MacOS system preferences?

  2. Kristie Holden
  3. Hi Dave, Daylite uses the macOS system preferences so there’s not a way to disable Dark Mode just for Daylite. We’ve relayed the request to our dev team 🙂

  4. Joe C
  5. We need ability to turn on Dark mode just for Daylite. And not need to turn on Dark mode for whole OS

  6. Kristie Holden
  7. Thanks for the feedback, Joe. We’ve relayed this feature request to our design team 👍

  8. Mark
  9. Looks and works great. I look forward to the day when there are more keyboard shortcuts; there is in-cell editing in the sheet views, and you can enter a dollar amount estimate for an opportunity without entering it as a product or service first and without leaving Mail Assistant.

  10. John Hiebert
  11. how much longer will Daylite support Mojave? there are numerous reasons to not update to Catalina or Big Sur … including some major changes to my other software (Aperture, etc.) ???

  12. Kristie Holden
  13. Hi John, Daylite will continue to work on Mojave until March 21, 2021. More details here: https://support.marketcircle.com/hc/en-us/articles/360055610054-End-of-Support-for-macOS-High-Sierra-and-Mojave

  14. Tom
  15. Hi Guys, you should be able to choose light/dark mode regardless of system OS settings.

  16. Kristie Holden
  17. Hi Tom, We’ve logged your request 👍 Thanks for the feedback.

  18. Ryan Hanau
  19. +1, Dark Mode only for DayLite

  20. Bruce N Mays
  21. It’s nice to see continuing improvements to Daylite; but darkmode is kind of like a soulmate that that dresses better when going out but isn’t adding much more substance to the relationship. Substance would be more functionality in notes as a module so I wouldn’t have to pay a yearly subscription to Evernote.

  22. Lorraine Lawton
  23. Whilst I use Dark mode for my OS system, I’d like to keep Daylite in Light mode, as it stands out so much better and the contrast against the rest of the OS is easier on the eye.

  24. Kristie Holden
  25. Thanks for the feedback, Lorraine. We’ve logged this feature request.

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