Daylite 3.10 Released with 4th Generation Offline Sync Technology

Product Updates / April 21, 2010 / Ryan

We posted a public release candidate of Daylite 3.10 on our forums last week, and we’re happy to say that things have gone well for those who have tried it out.

Here’s a quote from one of the people using 3.10 this past week:

I am very happy with the version 3.10, because I can now completely ignore the fact whether I am working online or offline before I start a business trip. Now I am always working offline and have the latest data anyway. Good Job, Marketcircle!

– Frank Blome, CEO of ProjectWizards

For anyone that missed the blog post last week, here’s a list of the significant changes found in Daylite 3.10:

  1. We’ve included our 4th generation offline sync technology. We’ve made the offline sync faster, leaner and best of all, automatic! You no longer have to sync manually, nor does the app remind you periodically. It just syncs every 5 minutes so long as the server is reachable.I can emphatically tell you that this new system is awesome! I’ve been on this new system and “offline” since November 8th (some beta testers have been on it an equal amount of time). I’ve made 5 big trips to various countries in the meantime and I haven’t had to think about the offline sync. It just works. I add something to Daylite Touch and a few minutes later, it’s on my offline desktop and vice versa.
  2. We’ve tweaked the smartlist system to better handle “is not” rules. In the past, the “is not” rule would only work in simple cases. Now it can work in much more complex cases. It was a huge request and it required some considerable work on our query generator.
  3. We have a ton of other small changes – mostly invisible. The release notes details them.

Before you upgrade

To get these benefits, we’ve had to change the database structure a tiny bit. This means that current offline users will have to recreate their offlines. For customers with big databases (usually with lots of attachments), this may be time consuming. Also, with 3.10, all users within a company must be on 3.10. Once the server is upgraded to 3.10, older versions will not connect.

If you work with a Marketcircle partner, please make sure you talk to them before moving to this release.

Daylite 3.10 is free upgrade for existing 3.x users and can be found, along with Daylite Server 3.10 here.

For more details you can read the full release notes here.

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