Daylite 3.5 with Sync Services ships!

Scaling / September 21, 2007 / Alykhan Jetha

The long anticipated Daylite 3.5 is out. We took longer than we planned but we wanted to make sure it was right. Shoehorning a multi-user system into an inherently single-user sync system is not easy, but we did it.

Now you can have your calendar and those shared contacts on your iPhone, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, Symbian, iPod and other devices! (You might need additional software for some of these devices).

In the process, we added a global Trash system to handle unexpected deletes. With the data being exposed to so many other things (each user’s address book, devices etc…), the likelihood of accidental deletes increases exponentially. If that happens, you (or an admin) can now go to the Trash window and restore the object. The Trash system works throughout the app and is better than undo. Every once in a while, you can empty the Trash – just like in Mac OS X, except this is multi-user.

We also added 300+ contextual Apple Help articles. You will now see purple help buttons throughout the app. We are hoping this will help a lot of new users get going and expose unknown features to existing users.

And then there are all kinds of little tweaks and bug fixes – over 100 of them.

So this is a really comprehensive release, and we hope our users will appreciate the free update. We are really excited about it. Having all this shared data on our iPhones has been really cool.

I’d like to thank our team here and the 200 strong beta test team for their persistence and commitment! It is great to be working with such a fine set of people.

So check out the updated Daylite pages (a little subtle) here. The official press release is here.

Until next time…

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