Daylite 3.7.4 with Pages Support Released!

July 1, 2008 on 2:08 pm | ryan

We’ve released Daylite 3.7.4, which addresses a few key issues, my favourite being the Pages integration.

  1. Improve the look of your communications with our new merge capabilities. Merge Daylite data with your favorite templates from Pages, Numbers, and Keynote, then send them off using Daylite.
  2. Includes a connector to the Dialectic, the most popular Mac based telephony solution. This connector allows you to reach your contacts with many more options such as Bluetooth mobile phones, CISCO IP phones, ViaTalk, and Vonage. Daylite can also be specified as a Dialectic contact source for quick and easy loockups and best of all, for incoming caller identification.
  3. Added the Daylite Concepts Guide. This guide helps new users understand the basic concepts of Daylite and provides a good foundation for getting started. For existing users, it shows how you can better apply Daylite’s powerful features to your business and improve productivity.
  4. We’ve also updated OpenBase to version 10.0.11 build 124 which introduces a few new stability features. (see release notes for more info.)

Note: We strongly recommend that you upgrade all your computers to 3.7.4. Daylite 3.7.4 addresses a recently introduced bug that could cause data loss for some people who use offline databases.” 

Daylite version 3.7.4 is a free update for existing (and trial) users, and is available for download here.

Ryan Cash

19 Responses to “Daylite 3.7.4 with Pages Support Released!”

  1. Partners in Grime says:

    Great to have Pages integration. Thanks!

  2. Simon Turton says:

    I can’t wait to install v3.7.4., as it did irk that we had to use DL’s built in wordprocessor (which isn’t bad) or Word.

    Pages/Numbers/Keynote is a great move forward, but I look forward to the other bug being fixed: that when you create a new e-mail from a contact record it is not recorded in DL UNLESS you Toggle the Daylite drawer manually. In every other mode when you e-mail, it does record the message with the contact.

    The other thing (and it may just be me) is that the calendars seem to have no relationship to tasks/projects/etc.

    If I add a task is doesn’t appear in the calendar. Should it and could it.

    Otherwise, an increasingly happy convert from ACT!.


    Simon Turton

  3. AJ says:


    The email drawer issue is new as of 10.5.3. The workaround is to use the Daylite Address Panel in Mail. We are looking into a fix.

    Calendar items can indeed be linked to Projects and Opportunities. They cannot be linked to tasks.

  4. Jack says:

    Try to install the Daylite V.3.7.4. The new OpenBase Manager won’t fire up. Then reinstall the Daylite V.3.7.3 again. OpenBase works. and I am still at Daylite V.3.7.4

    Now running Daylite:
    Daylite: V.3.7.4
    Openbase: 10.0.10(#115)

    Not sure if it is 3.7.4 install file has some error with openbase manager install.

  5. Didier Legein says:

    3.7.4 is a very nice evolution of Daylite, the heart and soul of our operation since beginning of this year. One little question about the Dialectic connector : does this mean you have to have Dialectic installed and that Daylite is connecting to the application or is there a “native” Dialectic built-in into Daylite now ?

  6. AJ says:

    Jack – You need to have OpenBase build 124 installed. Daylite 3.7.4 will not work with an older build. If our installer is unable to overwrite your previous version of OpenBase then it is likely that you are using another product that also includes OpenBase. In which case it is best to contact OpenBase for resolution.

    If none of that works – please contact support. The blog is not a good support medium.

  7. AJ says:

    Didier – you still need to download/purchase Dialectic. We’ve included the connector(plugin) that makes it all work together. Many folks where having trouble finding the connector, so we decided to include it.

  8. Pat Leake says:

    My question is somewhat related to Simon’s. I display my list of opportunities with the next task and date due. I would like to show next appointment as this can be the next activity I need to do.

  9. Victoria Woo says:

    When will you guys EVER implement the ability to increase the font size on a printed calendar!!!!???

    After an update fiasco a couple of months ago we were told this was coming up in the next update.

    8 point type is TOO SMALL. I can’t believe that NO ONE else ever prints out a calendar.

  10. AJ says:

    Hi Victoria,
    We will eventually get to that. Our challenge has been the amount of information most people want on there.

  11. tvdeyen says:

    Very great to finally have iWork Support.

    But my big feature request is localization. I run a small business in germany and not all my employees are fit in business english, me neither ;) . So when can we expect a localized version of your great app?

  12. Preston Humphries says:

    Thank you for the concepts guide! It will really help my team understand my vision for Daylite. We will purchase another license because we can now bring another person into our Daylite world at work. This will allow us to get them up to speed, and contributing quickly.

  13. Peter G says:

    Using Entourage instead of Mail

    I am considering the use of Daylite. However, I am concerned that it does not work well with the email application Entourage. It seems that Mail is the preferred way. Is there a way to use Entourage? Also, does the info on Daylite sync with iphone?

  14. AJ says:

    tvdeyen – localization is unfortunately not planned for the short term. It is something on our long term list however.

    Peter – You can use Entourage to send emails from Daylite – but you will not get DMI (which is what people really like). There is no plug-in architecture for Entourage so it is very difficult to achieve the same things as we do with DMI.

  15. Michael Griffith says:

    I have recently started using Daylite and have moved my mail from Entourage to AppleMail so that I could make use of DMI… but suddenly my place of work (Australian Catholic University) has suddenly decided that all our work mail will go to a Microsoft Exchange Server which can only be read by Entourage, Outlook and Outlook Web Mail. This means – I think- that I have been forced back into using Entourage and that my Daylite days are over…. Can anyone suggest a solution to this dilemma?

  16. Michael C. says:

    We are very interested in purchasing Daylite for our entire office of 10. We are all currently linked into Entourage as a Mail program and are not going to be switching to Apple Mail. Has any Entourage applications been developed yet?

  17. AJ says:

    Currently there are no plans to support Entourage. The main reason being that Entourage does not have a plugin model, so we can’t get in there and do what we need to do.

  18. Ken Russ says:

    Is there any plans to plug into Outlook on the Mac when it is released??
    This is the one glaring issue I find with Daylite. No real way to work with exchange server clients in a user friendly manner.

  19. Ryan Cash says:

    @Ken No plans for this unfortunately.