Daylite 4.1.2 updates are now available

Product Updates / January 17, 2013 / Admin
We’re happy to announce that Daylite 4.1.2, Daylite Server 4.1.2 & Daylite Mail Assistant 4.1.2 are now available for download on the Marketcircle website.

The focus of this version was better performance & improved stability. The full release notes are available in our Knowledge Base.

All existing customers will receive an email at some point today notifying them on the upgrade process. Please note, if you choose to update Daylite from the Mac App Store, you must still refer to the email or our website for instruction on updating Daylite Server & Daylite Mail Assistant. Daylite 4.1.2 will be available on MAS later today. For any questions regarding this process please email info at

Thanks! 🙂


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  1. It’s great to see the changes that have taken place since 4.0. It would be so much more helpful though if these announcements of updates would give at least some idea of what is included in the update. I know we can probably find out somewhere during the download process, but why not tell us right at the start, with the first announcement? What are the specific benefits of updating? It takes time to go through the process, so the more we know from the very start, the better it would be.

    Thanks very much, and keep up the great work!

  2. Emily Rudow
  3. @Lorne This update was strictly bug fixes to improve stability in the app. For announcements of bigger releases, we call out a few of the benefits of upgrading, but try to not to bore customers with the list of fixes (and just link to the list instead). I appreciate your feedback and will incorporate your ideas into future announcements. Thanks! 🙂

  4. Jay Gardinar
  5. @Lorne – did you bother reading the whole post? There’s a clear link to the release notes on the KB –

    ” The full release notes are available in our Knowledge Base. “

  6. Thanks for the comments, Emily and Jay. I probably should have stated things more clearly.

    The link to the release notes is indeed in the blog post. I meant to refer to the email that gets sent out announcing the update. That email contained a limk to the download page and another to the instructions, but no info on the few main highlights of the update, or whether or not it was bug fixes.

    I and many other people will often see our emails on a phone will quickly heading from one place to another. The fewer clicks we need and the fewer links to follow and wait to load, the better. So how quick and easy is it to find this info from that last email? Let’s follow the steps…

    1. I read the email that says there’s an update but gives no details. I click on the link to the Downloads page.
    2. No update details on that page, and no direct links to any info. I go ahead and click on the option for my previous version.
    3. No update details or direct links to the update info here either. Hmmm, maybe they’ve written about it in the blog. I scroll down to the bottom and click on the Blog link.
    4. I’m at the blog. I find the post about the release. There are still no details in the post, but at least there’s finally a link that will get me there. I click.
    5. And here are the details. Yup, it can be done, but it’s hardly an obvious route from the email.

    Yeah, I’m being a bit picky. But customer experience is made up of many details all strung together. The information had already been written and posted on the Website, so a few highlights could easily have been posted into the original email. That would let customers assess quickly how important or useful the update would be, without having to scroll and click through the various links, none of which is really easy to do while quickly checking emails in between other activities.

    Those are just a few of my thoughts, in case they’re of some worth. Again, keep up the great work. Daylite is one of my most important resources. That’s why I often take the time to offer input and make suggestions. I look forward to it getting even better and better.

    Thanks very much!

  7. Emily Rudow
  8. @Lorne Going forward, we will be providing more info on the update in the emails and/or link to the Knowledge Base. Again, Thank you for your feedback Lorne! 🙂

  9. Darryl
  10. Hello, After the last update I have been unable to connect to my server with my iPhone and iPad. I’ve been searching for assistance on the site, still have not found what I need to fix the problem. If this is a common occurrence after each update, could you post a fix on the update page as well. Thank you, and I still need a solution to the problem.

  11. Darryl
  12. My apologies, I found solution to my problem, the title was worded a little different.

  13. Hi guys,

    I did not receive an email at all!

    Perhaps you are forgetting your Australian clients? We have 9 licences so these update notices are important to us as we have noted a lot of bugs and sluggish performance which is affecting our staff’ productivity.


  14. Emily Rudow
  15. @Melissa Foote Our email list shows all 9 email addresses are subscribed to receiving our update emails. Did you make sure they didn’t land in your junk folders?
    Please email all 9 emails to erudow at I’d like to make sure our records match yours.

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