Daylite 4.3 for Mac OS X and Daylite 4.3 for iOS are now available!

August 12, 2013 on 2:43 pm | erudow

This is an exciting day for us and, hopefully, for you too! We’re very happy to announce that Daylite version 4.3 for Mac OS X, Daylite Mail Assistant 4.3 and Daylite Server 4.3 are now available for download on the Daylite downloads page.

This may be perhaps our biggest release to-date in terms of impactful features since Daylite 4.0. We’ve also brought a long-awaited feature – the ability to view and add linked forms on your iPhone or iPad. Please visit our Knowledge Base for a full list of new features and bug fixes in Daylite 4.3. Daylite for iOS 4.3 release notes can be found here.

We’ve noted the most significant improvements below.

What’s new in Daylite 4.3 for iOS?

Linked Forms

For businesses on the go, Forms in Daylite is definitely a major new feature. Add forms on the fly or view existing forms linked to records. Track business-specific information wherever you are.  No matter what type of industry you’re in, using Daylite’s Forms on your iPhone or iPad enables new workflows to streamline your business. For more ideas on how to leverage this feature, please visit this blog series.


Attachments that are stored in the Daylite database and linked to other items can now be downloaded and previewed in your iPhone or iPad. They will show up as “Files” in the activity section for the item they are linked to.

Resource Calendar

View booked time for resources (such as a meeting room) in the calendar.


You can now view and edit relationships between people and between companies.

What’s new in Daylite Version 4.3?

Duplicate records

Save yourself a ton of time, by easily duplicating records instead of entering them again. People, companies, projects, opportunities, tasks, appointments, notes, groups and forms: just select the item and choose Edit > Duplicate. In the calendar view, just option-drag to duplicate an appointment at another day or time.

New Reports / Print Layouts

New reports are available to help you dig deeper to understand what goes on in your business. A few of the reports include Won Opportunities, Activity Time by Category, Opportunity and Project Snapshot Print Layouts and Incomplete Tasks grouped by Project or Opportunity.

Create smartlists based on Birthday or Anniversary

Now there are no excuses to ever miss an important date again. When filtering people, choose from a criteria based on birth date, anniversary date or age. For example, find out the birthdays coming up in the next 7 days then merge these people and create an email to wish them a happy birthday!

More multi-column sorting options

Columns for linked items such as keywords, appointments, tasks and more are now sortable.

New Languages

You can now run Daylite, Daylite for iOS, DMA and Daylite Server Admin in Spanish and Dutch. The entire interface and reports have been localized. We also have partners offering one-on-one customized training in Spanish and Dutch.


All existing customers will receive an email automatically outlining the upgrade process. If you want to go the Mac App Store route and decide to update from there, please make sure you still refer to the email or our website for instructions on updating Daylite Server & Daylite Mail Assistant. Daylite 4.3 and Daylite for iOS 4.3 will be available on the App Store at some point today. If you are new to Daylite, you can sign-up here to receive a 30-day free trial. For any questions regarding this process please email info at

We’ve worked really hard on this version and hope you enjoy! :)

30 Responses to “Daylite 4.3 for Mac OS X and Daylite 4.3 for iOS are now available!”

  1. Daylite 4.3 Now Available - Learn Daylite says:

    [...] today Marketcircle released Daylite 4.3, a significant update that enhances Daylite 4’s performance and stability while also adding some [...]

  2. Jeroen Besteman says:

    Daylite in Dutch – i want to kiss you all also on behalf of the rest of Holland.

  3. Melissa says:

    Yes!!! Thank you so much! Mobile forms is the one piece that’s been missing from my mobile functionality.

  4. Stan Adell says:

    Thanks for continuing to make improvements with this important program. We will continue to provide feature suggestions that you can implement.

  5. John Hagerty says:

    This is the update I’ve been waiting for. At last, I have forms on the go! I can’t tell you what an incredible difference this makes to my workflow. Thanks MarketCircle, it’s a great sign that you pay attention to feature requests the way you do.

  6. Hp says:

    PLEASE give us smart lists on iOS devices!!! This would be a quantum leap for workflows and productivity!

  7. kevin kurtz says:

    Great updates! We all appreciate your ongoing efforts for our success! I agree with Hp’s comment that SmartLists on iOS devices would be a quantum leap forward!

  8. Hermann says:

    Forms on the go are really great. And the ongoing Datlite improvment process from Marcetcircle is also absolutly great. Thank’s a lot. Sure, SmartLists would support my work as well.

  9. simon kemp says:

    Duplication of contacts complete with keywords and categories – if so hooray at last.

    Now all we need is a keyword list like you have on IOS to run on MacOS and iPad.

    when i have updated i will comment more.

    Thanks for this – very timely

  10. Willem Linders says:

    This update keeps crashing …. (DL4 on the iMac; DL Admin is fine) what do I do wrong ??

  11. Gulickx says:

    same problem as Willem Linders. Daylite keeps crashing on mac

  12. Mike Cooper says:

    Great. Daylite 4.3 now quits on launch on my Mac. Every time. Anyone else?

  13. Helge Maus says:

    I get the same crashes every time I start Daylite 4.3

  14. aj says:

    With regards to the crash. As of this morning, iCloud servers have unexpectedly changed how they are returning calendar colours.

    We are working on a workaround. In the meantime, please follow these steps:
    - turn off your network (or unplug your network cable)
    - launch Daylite and unsubscribe to any iCloud calendar (in preferences)
    - turn your network back on

    We apologize for the inconvenience!

  15. Peter Frandsen says:

    Thank’s AJ for the quickly posted work-around-tip – It seems to have solved my crashing issues.

    I run Daylite 4.2.2 (5416) Mac and this morning it unexpectedly started to crash on me, time after time (you have like a zillion crash reports from me this morning). Not the best impression for me running the trail version… ;-)

    Anyway, after applying your tip above, it seems to be working again. (BTW: I deleted the linked iCals account – it’s not enough to just pause it.)

    Will back up Daylite server + local manually now an then do the update to 4.3 – hope there no more unwanted surprises there. hahaha…

  16. aj says:

    We’ve updated our latest builds page with a beta of 4.3.1 that works around the change made on the iCloud server.

    Once again, we apologize for the inconvenience this has caused.

  17. Jay Gardinar says:

    AJ, was this change announced previously, or did they just do it without bothering to tell anyone?

    From your wording, I’m guessing the latter; if that’s the case, then I shall file a complaint to Apple for doing such a disservice to its users.

  18. John Stapleton says:

    Crashing repeatedly. Will not launch! Daylite died this morning. After several crashes I downloaded today’s upgrade. It will not launch either. What is up?

  19. aj says:

    John, take a look at this post:

  20. benny says:

    how to uninstall the Daylite Mail Assistant?

  21. benny says:


    i found it.

  22. Simon Kemp says:

    Upgrade to 4.3.1 for server, macs, iPhones and iPad perfect. Very happy – all works. Good instructions. Now to use it! Note that coloured buttons on iPad and iOS which we use ofr categories still only come through to on a sometimes basis. Pity about that.

  23. Vin Raia says:

    There was an App Store – Update Available notification from Daylite 4 Marketcircle. Released on Aug 15, 2013 for Version 4.3.1 which fixes crashes when syncing with iCloud calendars. The update does NOT disappear even after multiple completed downloads. Even rebooted my MacBookPro and it is still a recurring Update Notification.
    Any Feedback ??

  24. Will Carswell says:

    DL 4.3.1 crashing every time I open it. I unsubscribed to iCloud calendar (because I only read halfway through the comments above and didn’t realize 4.3.1 was supposed to fix this issue) , and DL stayed open. As soon as I re-subscribed to iCloud calendars (after reading the rest of the comments and figuring out that unsubscribing was unnecessary sine 4.3.1 was supposed to have resolved the issue, DL 4.3.1 crashes again every time I open it.

    Also, DL on MacBook and DL Touch stop syncing, and I found that I have to turn off DL server (latest update), and then turn it back on for syncing to work again.

  25. erudow says:

    @Vin Rala @Will Carswell We’ll be able to look further into your issues if you open a support ticket. You can initiate on here:

  26. Henk Schultinga says:

    “Jeroen Besteman says:

    Daylite in Dutch – i want to kiss you all also on behalf of the rest of Holland.”

    Yes indeed! thanks,

    En Jeroen, bedankt voor het kussen namens ons :)

  27. Anne says:

    I’m considering buying the iPhone 5C, iOS (7).
    1) Is Daylite 4.3 compatible with iPhone 5C?
    2) Currently have Daylite 3.15.1 – do you know if that compatible with iPhone 5C?
    3) If the iPhone 5C is a problem, is the old iPhone 5 compatible (iOS (6.1.6)?

  28. Roger Frame says:

    So what are the fees for the upgrade. Your license agreement only says that I agree to pay the license fees but doesn’t say what those fees are.

  29. aj says:

    The upgrade from 4.x to 4.3.x is free.

  30. aj says:

    The issue isn’t the 5c per se. It is the version of iOS. The 5c will come with iOS 7 and Daylite 3.x (on iOS) is not supported on iOS 7. You will need to upgrade to Daylite 4.