Daylite 6.0.9 for Mac is now available

Product Updates / February 14, 2017 / JD

We’ve just released Daylite 6.0.9 for Mac and Daylite Mail Assistant as well for Daylite Self-Serve Customers, Daylite Server Admin 6.0.9. You should get a notification in-app to update if you’re already on Daylite 6, or you can visit our download page.

daylite update

Daylite 6.0.9

  • We’ve addressed some performance related issues with Daylite Cloud databases. After installing the update it may take a few minutes to launch as it will need to optimize your data.
  • We’ve addressed a performance issue related to viewing projects or opportunities which have a large number of linked tasks and appointments.
  • We’ve improved the way a few Daylite Cloud errors are reported so customers are prompted to contact support as soon as a potential issue arises.

Daylite Mail Assistant 6.0.9

  • Minor tweaks.

Daylite Server Admin 6.0.9

  • Minor tweaks.

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