Daylite economy taking hold.

Scaling / December 18, 2006 / Alykhan Jetha

A while back, I started talking about the Daylite economy. It’s third party training, implementations, customizations, plugins etc… We already have a pretty sizable Partner network and we’ve seen GammaStream develop some pretty sophisticated plugins, some of which are sold publicly, others are complete custom work. These plugins blow my mind. For instance I never imagined a travel agent reservation system running on top of Daylite and that is in fact what GammaStream implemented for a customer.

This past week, I saw some more evidence. BlueRock is selling some pretty cool reports and HUD widgets. They will also do custom reports and widgets that meet your needs.

Today, Jonathan Nathan delivered DayliteABMenu. It’s a system wide menu that gives you access to your entire contact base with convenient utilities. Really nice.

This past November, Jon also delivered much tighter integration between Jon’s Phone Tool and Daylite. You can dial out from Daylite using Jon’s Phone Tool and you can now lookup your contacts from Daylite while in Jon’s Phone Tool. Not only can you dial out using traditional techniques, you can now use a whole bunch of VoIP solutions with this tool.

The momentum is building…

Until next time.

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