Daylite for iPad featured by Apple

Our Company / January 24, 2012 / Ryan

Apple has featured Daylite for iPad in their Customer Relationship Management document, on their iPad at Work page.

The PDF document helps explain how iPad can be used successfully to manage businesses relationships:

iPad is an incredible mobile sales tool to help you manage your customer relationships. With Wi-Fi + 3G connectivity and an amazing 10-hour battery life, iPad keeps you connected throughout the day to command the facts you need, so you’re always prepared for all your client meetings. The instant-on capability of iPad gives you immediate access to your company’s customer relationship management (CRM) data—whether you’re onsite at a customer meeting, in the office, or on the road.

Daylite is highlighted as one of iPad’s most useful apps for managing customer relationships. When you’re looking up customer information on the go, you don’t just see their personal information. You see the appointments you have with them, the tasks to do for them, and the notes and email correspondence you’ve had with them. You also see what companies they’re with and their roles at those companies. Everything you need to know about your customer is available, right at your fingertips.

We believe CRM is just a part of growing a business – not the whole picture. Daylite is a business productivity manager, offering tools to help you keep track of your schedule, the projects you’re working on, and the team you work with, and more. And it doesn’t stop there of course, as Daylite’s also available for your Mac and iPhone.

Apple’s iPad in Business site also features some great stories of cool companies using iPad in business – they’re definitely worth checking out.

Daylite is also being showcased on iPads in Apple’s Retail stores, which is pretty neat! It’s great to see that Apple (and the rest of the world) see iPad as a serious business tool.

daylite touch on ipad apple retail

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