Daylite for iPad is here!

Product Updates / December 15, 2010 / Alykhan Jetha

It’s finally here.

When the iPad was announced earlier this year, we had the choice to change paths from our then current development plans and focus on the iPad. We thought about it and decided to stay the course with a plan to address the iPad in 2011 (especially considering that the then current version of Daylite Touch would run fine in 1.x or 2.x mode and we needed some backend changes to do what we truly wanted).

At the time we didn’t realize the change in behaviour the iPad would bring.

A few months after the iPad was released, the number of requests (email, phone and others) drove us to do a little bit of digging. What we found was a drastic behavioural change for many CEO’s, Presidents, Executives and “on the road” staff.

70% of the people I spoke to (you know who you are — and remember, these folks asked for a native version), dropped their desktop usage to about 15 minutes a week. The rest was iPad. Wow!

That and the impressive iPad sales at the time, prompted us to change a few things. We hired a few more people and scaled back the original iPad plan. We decided to leave the backend alone and deliver an iPad version with full feature parity to Daylite on iPhone (not some scaled back thing like many iPad apps).

The iPad is changing the way people are conducting business all over the world. Apple has already demonstrated this with their iPad in Business Profiles.

Daylite for iPad takes mobile business to the next level. Rather than filling this post with a list of features, I’ll let these 4 case studies do the talking:

We focused on functionality – not so much on fancy extras. I like how the folks at AppStorm put it:

“The interface is simple and frill-free and the functionality blows away anything you’ve seen before.”

We’ve put together a few pages highlighting Daylite for iPad, along with an FAQ.

We’ve also tweaked the licensing model to be “per user” instead of “per device”, so if you have a Daylite Touch license already, you can use Daylite on your iPad right away. You’ll need Daylite Server 3.13 for this. If you don’t have Daylite Touch licenses, you can buy some on our store.

As always, we’re working hard to make small businesses more efficient, so they can focus on moving forward by doing what they do best.

Until next time…

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