Daylite for iPad is here!

December 15, 2010 on 10:35 am | AJ

It’s finally here.

When the iPad was announced earlier this year, we had the choice to change paths from our then current development plans and focus on the iPad. We thought about it and decided to stay the course with a plan to address the iPad in 2011 (especially considering that the then current version of Daylite Touch would run fine in 1.x or 2.x mode and we needed some backend changes to do what we truly wanted).

At the time we didn’t realize the change in behaviour the iPad would bring.

A few months after the iPad was released, the number of requests (email, phone and others) drove us to do a little bit of digging. What we found was a drastic behavioural change for many CEO’s, Presidents, Executives and “on the road” staff.

70% of the people I spoke to (you know who you are — and remember, these folks asked for a native version), dropped their desktop usage to about 15 minutes a week. The rest was iPad. Wow!

That and the impressive iPad sales at the time, prompted us to change a few things. We hired a few more people and scaled back the original iPad plan. We decided to leave the backend alone and deliver an iPad version with full feature parity to Daylite on iPhone (not some scaled back thing like many iPad apps).

The iPad is changing the way people are conducting business all over the world. Apple has already demonstrated this with their iPad in Business Profiles.

Daylite for iPad takes mobile business to the next level. Rather than filling this post with a list of features, I’ll let these 4 case studies do the talking:

We focused on functionality – not so much on fancy extras. I like how the folks at AppStorm put it:

“The interface is simple and frill-free and the functionality blows away anything you’ve seen before.”

We’ve put together a few pages highlighting Daylite for iPad, along with an FAQ.

We’ve also tweaked the licensing model to be “per user” instead of “per device”, so if you have a Daylite Touch license already, you can use Daylite on your iPad right away. You’ll need Daylite Server 3.13 for this. If you don’t have Daylite Touch licenses, you can buy some on our store.

As always, we’re working hard to make small businesses more efficient, so they can focus on moving forward by doing what they do best.

Until next time…

34 Responses to “Daylite for iPad is here!”

  1. Lina says:

    How come it isn’t coming up in the App store?

  2. Joe Hoe says:

    Still has all the same lame limitations of Touch for the iPhone. Best to wait for the second version of both Daylite for iPad, and second version of the iPad itself. The potential is there for Daylite for iPad to be a blockbuster. Right now it’s a little pop.

  3. AJ says:

    @Lina. It may take a few hours to propagate to various App Stores around the world. Make sure you have iOS 4.2.

  4. AJ says:

    @Joe. You have to start somewhere — but thanks anyways.

  5. Joe Hoe says:

    Get an 11″ Mac Air. Just a few ounces heavier than an Ipad, just a few hundred more dollars, but you get the FULL functionality of Daylite, and with a full-size keyboard.

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  7. Jeremy Board says:

    Hi AJ & The Team at Marketcircle,

    Thanks for the new iPad version of Daylite! I’m using it right now, works really well. Sync was fast. Moving between screens is a breeze. I use my iPad all the time, so this is great. I can now app switch from thinking on iPad in one space to instantly capturing tasks, project activities and opportunities on Daylite.

    Personally, I really like the simple and clean interface, it’s very effective.
    Less is more sometimes, we all have enough data and confusion coming at us.

    In terms of functionality, personally I do actually want my iPad to work with my laptop and not replace it.
    As the iPad evolves maybe this will change via Apple product development, but for now the balance between the core functionality of Daylite for the Mac and Daylite Touch makes good sense to me.

    Good strategic move.

    Thank you for your work,

    Jeremy Board
    President & Creative Director
    jump advertising inc.

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  9. AJ says:

    @Jeremy. Thanks. I think for some people, the iPad will be a companion for sure. For others, it will replace the traditional computer. For example, I can do just fine with the iPad if I’m not coding (literally for weeks). When I’m coding or testing, I definitely need my MacBook Air. I the latter case, I’m the proverbial “truck driver” as Steve Jobs refers.

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  11. Alpesh says:

    AJ, for the people who have already paid an extra 50 for per device, will they get a refund, since now it’s per user.

  12. Jorge says:

    Awesome news – how long did Apple take to actually approve it?

  13. Jorge says:

    @Joe – Congratulations for finally figuring out that an iPad is not a full Mac, and that apps for it can’t have the same features as the Mac version. Well done!

  14. Kai says:


    Very nice that you made the decision to have one license per iOS USER. It is much appreciated. I have not tried the iPad version yet, but I love Daylite Touch on the iPhone

    Sidestep: Im still pitching in for the next focus area being a complete redesign of the interface on the desktop Daylite, the workflow is clumsy. Sometimes I look up and create Daylite things on my iPhone as the desktop workflow is less effective. I would love to have a sooped up version of the Touch home screen on my Mac. Feel free to contact me for feedback on Daylite desktop workflow improvements.

    Again congratulations on the iPad version and thanks a thousand for the new license model.

  15. AJ says:

    @Jorge. We had to resubmit once. Each time took about 1 week.

  16. AJ says:

    @Alpesh. Sure.

  17. VinceVN says:

    The iPad version is already up and running on my iPad 3G.

    It’s a huge improvement from the already excellent iPhone version.

    Before jumping to hasty conclusions or unjustified bitter comments, we should remember this is not “angry birds” here. we talk about a full professional application, augmented with real time connectivity. I am always amazed that we can have such a full CRM on a phone or a tablet.

    The iPad additional screen real estate shines here, compared with the phone. Having all additional information directly available, on the right side of the screen, is certainly a significant productivity enhancement.

    And the new license policy has definitely to be credited to MarketCircle. Not only they make users save a new yearly subscription, but the changes about licenses policy as well as the adjustment to the development strategy shows also how that company cares about its clients and listen to their feedback.

    It’s not so common these days.

    Warmest congratulations to AJ and all the folks at Marketcircle.

    Starting today, Daylite Touch for iPad will certainly be my cornerstone iPad application in meetings.

  18. Paul Mason says:

    AJ and the team, thanks, this is awesome. Thanks too for the pricing.

  19. AJ says:

    Thanks Vince & Paul.

  20. Morrisson says:

    Top product. 3 wishes.
    1. Calander and contacts yust as smooth as the standard Apple-app
    2. Option, tasks only today and tommorrow
    3. Weekcalander starts on today, not where i left it….

    Keep up the good work.

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  22. Stuart Forrester says:

    Brilliant iPad app delivering the right functionality and connectivity on the move.

    Just an observation – when reviewing notes “emails” with appointments , telephone numbers etc in Daylite touch, the functionality to accept appointments or add telephone numbers to contacts moves the data to the Apple calendar, address book. Given the current issue with synchronising to MobileMe, could we have an option to add this data to the Daylite database for calendars/contacts?

    Great work and a nice early Christmas present ;-)

  23. AJ says:

    @Stuart. We’ll be looking into those things in the future.

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  25. Ryan Frazier says:

    Thanks for a truly great app…..It solves one of my major hurdles to a seamless work process. The app itself is invaluable. The only thing that I need to make it complete is to bring estimating to the mobile app. I have no idea how much work it would take (unless you hire me! LOL), so I wont be negative about what the mobile app does not do. I will say that the things that it does do, it does them well. Keep at it, and now I can look forward to the next versions for both the desktop and mobile!

  26. AJ says:

    Thanks Ryan!
    As you know, we never stop.

  27. Bart says:

    Yippiekayeah! Great work of you Marketcircle guys!

    Also love the pricing, since I’m using daylite on my iphone and ipad!

    Two suggestions:
    1. Smartlists in daylite for ipad would be a great asset
    2. Smoothing up the search function in daylite for ipad so that it works as daylite for Mac.

    Grezt job and keep up the good work. You can’t imagine how happy I am with daylite for iPad!

  28. AJ says:

    Thanks Bart :-)

  29. John says:

    Will the ipad app permit me to access linked documents when I’m out of the office?

  30. AJ says:

    @John. Not at this time (in terms of attachments in Daylite).

  31. Mike says:

    Thank you for your work! Surely, one of the best apps for ipad.
    Are you planning to add task smartlists in the future updates?
    This feature is very important for me, all my tasks organized by smarlists.


  32. AJ says:

    @Mike. There are some challenges there, but it is something we are looking into for the future.

  33. Chris Conroy says:

    Really like the per user licensing. Looking forward to downloading and installing Daylite on the ipad.

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