Daylite for Outlook Officially Released!

Product Updates / May 2, 2024 / Daylite Team

If you’re like many small businesses, your email inbox often threatens to become a bloated mess. Achieving “inbox zero” is a complete fantasy, and you worry about losing track of important messages and tasks that push your business forward.

Fortunately, Daylite is making all of this much easier to manage. We’re excited to officially release Daylite for Outlook! Outlook for Mac users can add emails to Daylite, create tasks and appointments, and capture contacts, projects or sales opportunities directly from their inbox, so you can get back to focusing on what matters most to your business.

Previously this capability was only available in Daylite Mail Assistant for Apple Mail, and we are excited to provide our Daylite community with the additional option of using Outlook.

Image shows a screenshot of the Daylite Mail integration for Outlook with the text, "Power Up Your Outlook Inbox".

Get More from Your Outlook Inbox

Coming on the heels of the beta release last month, this new integration allows Outlook for Mac users to easily manage, reference and act on emails related to Daylite Contacts, Projects, and Opportunities.

Learn How to Install Daylite for Outlook

Similar to how our popular integration with Apple Mail works, Daylite for Outlook ensures you always have up-to-date information in Daylite to work efficiently and effectively.

The Daylite add-in simply opens as a side panel in Outlook for Mac, and detects current Daylite Contacts and suggests related Projects or Opportunities. You can also search for items you want to link to the email, add new contacts to Daylite, or create tasks and appointments. Simply click “Add to Daylite” and the email is copied into Daylite and linked to the relevant Contact, Project or Opportunity, and the same process works when composing an outgoing email.

Here are three big ways Daylite for Outlook helps you:

  1. Capture Leads, Projects and Sales Opportunities – When a new contact, project or potential deal lands in your Outlook inbox, you can now quickly add them to Daylite with just a few clicks, so the email is linked to all the relevant information.
  2. Action Email with Tasks and Appointments – Is someone asking you to do something for them? Do you need to remember to come back to an email? Simply use Daylite for Outlook to create a task or schedule an appointment, and the email will be linked in Daylite so it’s easy to find later.
  3. Create a Complete History – By saving emails and attachments and linking them to associated contacts, projects and potential deals, you and your entire team have the full history of communications in Daylite, regardless of which team member received and saved the email.
Image shows a screenshot of what the Daylite Mail integration for outlook will look like.

We want your feedback

Even though Daylite for Outlook is now out of beta, your feedback is still essential! Let us know what features you would like to see next, so we can prioritize development. You can send feedback right from the Daylite panel in Outlook, which opens a new email with a pre-filled subject line.

How to Get Started

Simply open Outlook for Mac, click the three dots at the far right side of the toolbar, and select “Get Add-ins”.

Installing the new Daylite add-in is straightforward, and it’s all detailed in the complete resource published in our Learn library.

Image shows how to search and install the Daylite mail integration for outlook.

Search for “Daylite”, click “Add” on the add-in named simply “Daylite”, and it will install.

Image shows how to connect the Daylite Mail integration with Outlook on Mac.

Inside Outlook for Mac, you will need to connect the add-in to Daylite by logging in.

Image shows how to connect the Daylite mail integration for Outlook.

The Learn article, “Integrating with Outlook” has all the installation steps and screenshots, as well as how to use the add-in. But if you need any assistance, you can always contact support.

What You Will Need

Daylite for Outlook is now available for Outlook for Mac on desktop, which you can download for free from the Mac App Store, and can be used with non-Microsoft accounts including Gmail and IMAP that you manage in Outlook.

Daylite for Outlook works on Monterey, Ventura, and Sonoma macOS.

The add-in is also available for browser-based Outlook on the Web (OWA) on Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Edge, on desktop only.

Daylite for Outlook Features

We’re always working to add more useful features that make your work a little easier, but for now, here is what is included in the 1.0 release of Daylite for Outlook:

  • Add emails to Daylite (including emails you send)
  • Link emails to projects and opportunities
  • Create new contacts
  • Create tasks and appointments
  • Search for items to link
  • Set category and keywords
  • Add attachments to Daylite

Install Daylite for Outlook and Send Us Your Feedback

Connect Outlook for Mac directly to Daylite and start making the most out of your email communications.

Integrating with Outlook” is your complete guide to installation and user tips. And don’t forget to send feedback directly from inside the Daylite panel in Outlook! We read every email and it’s a huge help as we prioritize future development.

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